Get it off me!

I'm paralyzed. No, not blog-blocked. Pretty much literally paralyzed. I've been having neck troubles lately, and when I woke up yesterday all the nerves between my shoulder blades and radiating up into my neck had gotten themselves into a giant clusterfuck during the night. Did you ever see that episode of Dr. Who where Donna Noble goes into the fortune teller's tent and then ends up in some parallel universe where she never meets the Doctor but then she meets Martha and finds out she actually has this giant bug on the back of her neck that's messed up the timeline so on the day she met the doctor she turned one way instead of the other and never met him, and she ends up having to kill herself to put the universe back the right way so aliens don't take over the earth? It felt like that - well, not with the aliens or the sexy doctor or a parallel universe or anything, it just felt like there was something ugly and chitinous and hurt-y embedded in my upper spine, and I couldn't turn my head or lift my arms or sneeze without passing out from the pain.

So I called Pam. We were supposed to go downtown, so I said maybe I would just call my chiropractor and see if I could come in that afternoon while the kids were at piano. But Pam, because she's sympathetic, and intelligent, and probably thought going downtown with someone who couldn't turn their head or lift their arms wouldn't be all that fun said, uh, how about you call and say I'm bringing you NOW. So I did. And afterwards it hurt a little less.

So we went downtown and had a fabulous day and she took me to Domus for my birthday lunch and we went into Lush and were entertained and educated by a lovely salesperson who slathered and soaped us and showed us Sex Bombs and jelly soaps and sugar scrubs and we left thoroughly softened and exfoliated and possibly married in some provinces.

Tonight I took my daughter to Cirque du Soleil, which was also wonderful, but I'm really tired and still quite sore, so I will elaborate more on everything tomorrow. I just felt bad leaving that cranky celebrity-bashing post sitting there for so long.


Amber said…
Oy, I hope the sexy soap products help your neck problems.
Nicole said…
Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex bomb - there's a Tom Jones version of that song. Wheeeee! Panties at the stage!

I have never seen Dr Who, but after your description I DON'T WANT TO. I got a chill thinking there was a big bug on me. And because it is mosquito season, there probably IS a big bug on me. EEeeeeeeeee.
I've never seen Dr. Who, and until I read Nicole's comment, I thought I was the only one. I suppose I should seek it out. It's got to play on one of my 200 channels.

Sorry for the crappy neck thing. Hope you're on the mend.
Mary Lynn said…
I love Donna Noble. I hope she shows up again someday. I also love Domus! Haven't been there in years. Must try to pop in while I have my whirlwind visit to Ottawa for BOLO.
Mary Lynn said…
Oh oh! And I hope you're neck feels much better soon!
Amber Strocel said…
I am so late to this party, but I hope that now that it's almost a full month later that your neck feels MUCH BETTER.

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