It Was Monday....

...and just like that it turned into a bad blogging week. I've heard that some bloggers schedule their posts. Or have days when they post and days they take off. Pshaw, I say when I hear that. I don't need schedules. I don't need deadlines. Of course, I always say the same thing about weight-loss centres and creative writing groups -- who needs 'em? I know what I need to do. I don't need a group - groups are for pussies!. I just need to harness the fearsome power of my mind and will and it shall be done! And have I published a novel or lost thirty pounds?

Shut up.

Angus's baseball team got to play two games this week. Eve's played one and then her Thursday game was cancelled the very moment they were walking out the door (as Eve tells it "I got my stuff on, but then my tights under my baseball pants were too hot, so I took them off, got my bat, and my helmet, and we were going out the door, and Daddy pulled out his phone and looked at it and said 'oh come ON!'"). The diamonds are closed again, until Tuesday. I've suggested we substitute checkers for baseball just for this season, but no one's gone for it so far. We'll see who's laughing when it's the last day of the season and we're all out trying to play eight make-up games before dark. King me! 

More on my fabulous day in Montreal with Julie later. Right now I'm tired and it feels like someone is intermittently poking a sewing needle into the soft place behind my left ear, and I've read too much about great achievements by people I know on Facebook today.


Jenny Woolf said…
This made me laugh. It's so like me - who needs support groups? Well, see you when I've lost the weight then ;D
Anonymous said…
I used to schedule. And then I readjusted the schedule. And readjusted some more. And then?

I gave up.

My life is already scheduled to death. I don't need my blog dictating my schedule, too!
the queen said…
I know if I judge whether a day's events or feelings are worth posting, I would never post. If it's Thursday or Friday I can slack off.
Shan said…
Oh I love your posts. I've been a very lazy blogger of late too. No idea what is up with that. As for facebook... I'll be your friend, I have no achievements to read about.
Mary Lynn said…
I'm trying to think what achievements I mentioned on Facebook Friday. I think I mentioned cleaning my kitchen. I did a totally half-assed job of it, if that helps. Otherwise I spent the rest of the day making wise-ass comments about The Rapture. Or smart-ass. Whatever the case, I spent the day making an ass of myself.
Ms. G said…
Nah. We don't need no stinkin schedules!
Sandra said…
I don't schedule posts, but I avoid Saturdays.
And yeah, spring sports in Canada suck. After many years of wearing my winter jacket while the kids ran a soccer ball up and down the field, I said, "Screw this!" At least in a hockey rink, they serve hot chocolate.
Nicole said…
I think checkers would be way better than baseball, personally. But maybe that's because I can neither throw nor catch a ball.
I almost never schedule my posts. Once I write a post, I figure I'm done for the day. Why keep going when I can put it off until tomorrow?

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