I Want My Bubbles Back

I feel flat. Flat like three-day-old ginger ale. Flat like my hair twenty minutes after I leave the house. Flat like Gwen Stefani's chest (not that there's anything wrong with that). And it's annoying, because in the winter I was sick and it was winter so there was that, and then I got better (but now Eve's given me her cold and I'm paralyzed with fear that The Cough is going to come back), and then it was raining a lot so I thought, well maybe it's that. But now it's sunny, and it's not winter, and I'm supposed to have turned that goddamned corner. I had imposed a nice little linear narrative on that part of things, and this chapter was bright, and productive, and inspired, and THREE-FUCKING-DIMENSIONAL. And now goddamned if I haven't looped, and here I am - flat, again.

I know -- it's ridiculous that I should be surprised by my own loopiness at this point in life. But I want my damn bubbles back.


Wrath Of Mom said…
I feel the same way. There is no spring in my step. This is a deviation from the script I had for springtime. I wanted energy, sunshine, & no bugs.

(I don't think you're loopy, I think you are v. funny.)
Bridget said…
I'm sorry. The last time I was sick, it seemed to take forever before I felt like myself again. I hope you start feeling better and get a little pep in your step.

I'm going to send warm sunny weather vibes your way...and hugs too.
Lynn said…
Oh honey, I just want to send you a great big hug. I hope things turn around for you soon, if anyone deserves the big sunshine, it's you and your sunny personality.

I had no idea Gwen was so flat up front. She's my new role model.
Anonymous said…
What you need is a bubble beard. A great big frothy bubble beard. xo
Ms. G said…
Well that stinks. I hope you get your bubbles back soon. mombshells idea might be a good place to start : )
Gwen said…
This is Ottawa. Spring doesn't REALLY start until the Victoria Day Weekend. And after the wettest April of all time (or something like that), you can't be blamed for being a bit "flat".

I hope you feel better.
Nicole said…
I'm sorry you feel so crappy. Blergh. Here's hoping that it's just a cold, not the Great Cough. Hugs.
Mary Lynn said…
It's been a weird Spring. I'm just getting over a cold I've had for the last three weeks, and though I've enjoyed the last few days of sunshine, I see the forecast for the next week is all rain, rain, rain. It all puts me in a bit of a bleh mood, too.

I think you're loopy. But you think I'm loopy, too, so we're even. It's a virtue, really. Loopiness is entirely under-rated.
Suniverse said…
Grr. I think part of it is the expectation that the first moment of good weather means EVERYTHING IS BETTER.

I tend to draw the shades and hide.
Mean Jellybean said…
I want you to have your bubbles back. You may have to get your bubbles back.
I've been feeling drained more than flat. Sorry to hear you've got the blahs.
Pamela said…
Aw, it sucks to feel "flat" and all this god-awful rain certainly isn't helping things! Hang in there - you'll get your bubbles back soon enough :)

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