Feel the love Part 2

I have something called atypical asthma. I don't wheeze -- I cough. I cough a lot. After I exercise, if I go outside and it's cold, if peaches are in season -- I cough. If I get sick, I get a cough that needs an exorcist and an act of congress to get rid of. My airways are more volatile than Charlie Sheen.

The other day I coughed and Eve, lying on her tummy looking at a book, said, without looking up, "Yeah, you've been coughing most of my life, because of your fake asthma."



Julie said…
faker. i know it. ;)

and love the charlie shean reference. well done. :)
Nicole said…
FAKE ASTHMA! Hee, that's funny.
Pam said…
Ya?! Well we are having fake food for dinner tonight - and if you don't like it, go tell your fake father! :-p
Tsk. Tsk. Fake asthma. Shameful. I didn't actually know about atypical asthma. I guess because it's atypical.
Wrath Of Mom said…
I remember as a kid I'd go to the public library (where my mother worked), and track her down by the sound of her coughing. It was a two-story 25K square foot space. Maybe she has fake asthma, too.
Shan said…
Oh that is the best!
Anonymous said…
Such a charmer, that Eve. ;)
Ms. G said…
oooh! As my mom would say,'she was being a stinker' ; )
Betsy B. Honest said…
Dude, you're not allergic to your cat are you?

I used to have fake asthma until a doctor convinced me I should get rid of my cat because I had adult onset cat allergy. It totally worked. I was shocked, as I grew up with cats.

Do you even have a cat? What is an ex-cat? Is it a cat that thinks it's a people?
harriet glynn said…
I think I have that. I have crazy allergies and cough constantly! But regardless THAT is hilarious!
Suniverse said…
That was fantastic.

Fake Asthma.

I'm all over that.
Alexandra said…
Im sorry to laugh, but, yes, the pity parties we throw for ourselves.

:hello: did anyone not notice my lack of energy and movitation??:

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