Can I Be Downgraded Back to the One that Works Please?

Why do upgrades almost always SUCK? My computer recently interrupted my work to blip and beep its way through an 'upgrade'. When it was done, everything was slower and I couldn't get a new post window in blogger. I can if I use Google Chrome, but then when I try to read other blogs I can't close just their blog window without closing everything, which I keep forgetting, so then I keep accidentally closing everything and having to log in to my own blog again, which SUCKS. Our PVR recently turned itself off and when it came back on it professed itself to be in 'standalone mode', an 'advanced service' which means it can play back shows without a cable hookup - not so much a bonus for us since we don't tend to carry our PVR around on our shoulders. The new improved PVR cable box wouldn't let us actually watch our tv, but this was just part of the great new 'advanced service'. Which SUCKS.

Every time I figured out how to use the Loblaws Photolab website they would 'improve' it to the point where I couldn't use it any more. Once I fired off a pissed-off email in which I decried the constant need to upgrade and improve everything instead of leaving well enough alone and said various other stuff that made me sound like a cranky eighty-year-old (I avoided the terms 'newfangled' and 'the good old days' at least). Then I figured out that it actually was possible to access the former version of the uploader. I restrained myself from replying to their polite letter which said as much with 'Fine. Shut up. I hate you.' but I totally said it in my head.

I'm a little foggy. My husband's in Italy and I only let the kids sleep with me Saturday night when I could sleep in. Sunday night I put them to bed in their own rooms, changed my bed, took a shower and came out into my lovely private space, read for a while, then laid awake for most of the night in complete peace. Sigh. Yesterday I was kind of grumpy. At one point I yelled 'Jesus Christ, do you have to make such a racket? Settle down already!' Fortunately, it was at a pot of boiling eggs on the stove and the kids were still at school. You'd think a little water on the burner was a federal case, though - I'm sure all that hissing and spitting wasn't really necessary.

So I'm not exactly sure what Anonymous meant by the comment on my last post saying I should add a Twitter button. I don't do Twitter and I'm not sure why I would want a Twitter button. Sounds suspiciously like an upgrade, or perhaps an advanced service. In which case, count me out.


Nicole said…
At least you didn't go to Loblaw's and hit them with your cane and then tell them that batteries are just too expensive these days.
Bridget said…
I hate it when you get comfortable with one thing and then they upgrade it...then you have to learn it all over again. It sucks.

Your post had me laughing!
Am I allowed to swear? Just realized that may be a faux pas.
Wrath Of Mom said…
I have never text-messaged. I mention this as proof of my luddite-ness. And my advanced age.
Ms. G said…
Thank you for diverting my similar state of grumpy : ) I needed that !
Jane said…
A woman after my own heart. After my son broke my Sim City 3000 cd, my husband bought me the newer version Sim City 4. To choose your sucked. Totally.
Suniverse said…
Oh, this type of thing makes me completely mental. I'm already a total Jethro when it comes to technology. Don't make it better for me. It never is.

I upgraded my MacBook to the new OS and now? I CAN'T PRINT TO ANY OF MY PRINTERS. NONE OF THEM!!
Kitty Deschanel said…
I don't get the whole Twitter thing either. Somehow, I've amassed more than 100 Twitter followers, even though I almost never use the silly thing! I hate that it cuts me off before I'm done writing what I have to say :p
Anonymous said…
I am an engineer. For 10 years I was responsible for CREATING those upgrades. And I can tell you that it didn't take me long to learn to avoid them as much as possible.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or "improve" it, either, for that matter.

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