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I think I've mentioned that, after I painstakingly showed my mother all the steps for finding the Ottawa Public Library's website and requesting books she wanted, she decided it would be much more convenient if she could just email me the titles she wanted, and then I could request them, pick them up when they were ready and then return them when she was done. Since she babysits my kids on a regular basis and keeps us in chocolate chip cookies and banana muffins (you know -- the basic necessities), I found it hard to object.

So just to make it official that February has departed with my marbles as well as a good part of my lung function, this happened. I came across a review of The Wife's Tale, by Lori Lansens. I had read one of her other books, and I thought this one looked good, and I also thought my mother would like it, so I planned to request it and give it to her first and then read it myself. Then Eve and I dropped by on the walk home from school and I saw this very book lying on the chair by the front door. I picked it up and she said "Oh yeah, it was great, thanks. I'm done, you can return it." Because I had already taken it out and given it to her. Less than a week ago.


She also gave me back a book that I had just picked off the shelves on the off chance she would like it, since she was between requested material and desperate for a book (she's been a little less hyper-manic since she moved here. A little). I cracked it open last night planning to just read the first few pages and decide whether to continue reading or return it, and it totally hijacked my evening. It's about a fifty-year-old thrice-married woman who teaches at a Catholic high school. She's sarcastic, profane, dry-witted and I was in love with her by page seven. Amusingly enough, when I looked at the reviews, it's a very polarizing book - people either love it (and her) or loathe it (same).

I hope I don't find that I read it and reviewed it a few weeks ago.


Nicole said…
Those look good. Can you take them out for me? :)

I love the online library system.
Kelly Miller said…
You are hilarious! (Also, are you sure your mom is not my mom? Minus the food and babysitting, they sound a lot alike.)
Gwen said…
Ha! I order books for my Mum, pick them up from the library, drop them off at her house, and then return them...and while I'm at the website, I order 500 books for myself. Yesterday, I ordered a book for her, and she said "Wow! You did that so quickly!". It takes so very little for my mother to think I'm brilliant!

I ordered The Wife's Tale, and very pleased to see that I'm ONLY 15th in line.
SuziCate said…
Thanks for the reading suggestions. Sounds like you and your mom have a good thing going...everyone benefits!
Swistle said…
Added All Saints to my library request list! I just finished The Secret Life of Bees (finally, now that EVERYONE ELSE has read it) and liked it, and I read Georgia Bottoms and liked it, and now I'm reading When Will There Be Good News? (by Kate Atkinson) recommended by my mom, and already there has been a slaughter of mother and children so I dunno.
Swistle said…
Okay, AND I requested The Wife's Tale.
Sandra said…
Ok, All Saints. Gotta write that down. Mind you, I'm still trying to get through a book from last summer.
Thanks for your great comment on my blog. You are so right. I felt crappy. And now I don't. I sometimes wonder why I blog, then today happens, and I'm sucked right back into the vortex of love and happiness.
At least you know you're consistent ;)
Kitty Deschanel said…
Haha! Don't feel too bad, though. Clever me, I found a list of great books to read and reserved them all on CD at the the exact same time. I'm barely into the 2nd chapter of the 1st one, have 2 in my office, and have 4 more to pick up by Wednesday. And I really only like to listen to books on CD during my commute, which is about 15 minutes!
Betsy B. Honest said…
Oh Good. I'm a couple pages away from finishing The Bishops Man but I don't want to finish it because I'm out of fiction leads.

I will request that from my library. As soon as I pay off my fines.

You know what would be super convenient...
What a good daughter you are. I never use our library. I've tried to reserve book and book and they never come so I've given up. I'll have to read your books on my Kobo...which I will do once I get through my virtual stack of unreads.

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