Thoughts upon watching too much tv on a Friday Night

Is there really any doubt that a company called Massive Dynamic is going to be evil and soulless and perform horrible experiments that pervert the human form and fly in the face of nature? 

Is there anyone in this doctor's office who hasn't slept with any available partner of the opposite sex? And given the fact that one member of the staff has died after a car accident shortly after losing his wife in a meth lab explosion, one was attacked and had her baby slashed out of her and one was beaten up in her office, why in hell do people keep applying to work there? And how do they have time to treat any damned patients in between humping each other in closets, sewing each other up and helping each other through their various traumas? 

This was freakin' hilarious. No complaints there. 

I want to shoot the mini-pop kids

You know when you're watching a show about doctors and then you fast-forward through the commercials and then there's a commercial that's about doctors and it makes you think the show is back on so you press play and then it's a commercial? I hate that.

Sometimes when I'm watching a show and someone takes a video of someone and then plays it, I think "wow, she looks so much better than I do in video", and then I realize well, yeah, the whole thing is a video so I already knew that.

I should have just read a book.


Amber said…
I haven't seen Grey's Anatomy in years, I watched it that first season before I had my first kid and it sounds like it hasn't changed a bit. A friend of mine is in Big Bang and I'm ashamed that I haven't ever seen it. Wonder if I can find the episodes online, sounds like something I might actually enjoy...
Gwen said…
What I really enjoy about watching a TV is taking the time to choose a program, getting comfy on the couch, turning the TV on, and promptly falling asleep. That was my Friday night. And now I will never know if Vanessa Williams ever found out who she was.
Nicole said…
Oh, the mini pops. They are vile. VILE. You can almost see the stage mothers dressing them up in those hideous outfits and hissing at them from the sidelines. Worse than the regular mini-pops? The mini-pops Christmas. Just the sound of that commercial makes the lambs scream. My kids usually run to change the channel the second they hear the opening notes.
Kelly Miller said…
I can't hang with the Private Practice, but I love (love love) Fringe. Although, I did have to admit to hubs that it's our new Lost (which means I think they're just making it up as they go along).

I've never seen those Mini Pop Kids. Creepy!
Julie said…
the mini pops are back?!? i remember them when we were mini.

pp is my guilty pleasure. what am i saying. it's one of my many guilty plesaures

bb makes me laugh out loud on a weekly basis. which means it will not last much longer.
Shan said…
Oh my gosh, those mini pops kids. The commercials drive me nuts, but my girls love them. I have yet to crack and purchase an album, though. So there's that.
Wrath Of Mom said…
I love Big Band Theory. Those are my people, I always tell my husband.

When I was very young I would watch SCTV and have no clue when the commercials were fakes and when they were real. Even today I'm often wondering if an ad is really.
Mary Lynn said…
Did you see the Bollywood number at the end of the last Big Bang Theory? Also freakin' hilarious. Love that show.
SuziCate said…
Do people really have that much sex in real life? Makes me wonder everytime I walk into a hospital if the docs and nurses are sizing up their options instead of trying to help people!
I haven't watched any of the shows you mentioned. At least I've heard of them. My husband and I don't agree on TV shows so we tend to watch a lot of Antiques Road Show - it's the only thing we agree on.
Anonymous said…
But Fringe rocks! That is all.

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