....and now less so

Have I mentioned that I love you all and you look pretty? Thank-you for saying the stuff that I knew I should be telling myself but all sounds more logical and believable coming from someone else.

Family day was good. We took the kids for a walk on the Jack Pine Trail to try to feed some chickadees. We saw squirrels, woodpeckers and yes, chickadees, but they were all overfed and ungrateful chickadees who wouldn't condescend to eat from our hands this time. We'll have to go back and steal all their feeder seeds and then see who is too good to eat off of whose mittens. Hmph. It was a nice walk anyway, sunny and cold and pretty. The frozen sap in the trees was creaking and groaning and the trees were swaying -- Angus said it sounded kind of like it did on the ship when the ocean got rough. Except this time I didn't throw up, because I finally figured out by process of elimination that it was one of my inhalers making me hurl. Funny how a few days of crippling nausea and vomiting can make simply coughing until you become incontinent seem like a vacation by comparison.

After the walk we went to the movies. To change it up, since I do a lot of things with Eve and Matt does a lot of things with Angus, we decided that Matt would take Eve to Gnomeo and Juliet and I would take Angus to I Am Number Four -- they were playing five minutes apart and only ten minutes' difference in length. We got there pretty early, and Angus and I did actually have a conversation of sorts while we were sitting in the theatre -- not about anything earth-shattering, but he spoke in sentences of more than two words, and I call that a victory. Somebody had told me they read a review that said I Am Number Four made Twilight (the movie) look like Gone With the Wind, so I was apprehensive, but it was surprisingly....bearable. And Angus enjoyed it -- even the part where he lost his tooth in a Starburst fruit chew.

It was a good day. Eve was musing on one of the girls in her class whose an only child with divorced parents -- Eve was worried about how they would decide who got her on Family Day. I felt happy and grateful to be in a family where this wasn't an issue.


Anonymous said…
Boo, being sicky is the the worst. Glad you had a good Family Day despite those ungrateful chickadees. Chickadees can be such assholes sometimes.
I just finished reading I Am Number Four. The book is...bearable as well.
Gwen said…
Sounds like a good Family Day. Dan had the day off because he works in Ottawa, but the twins had to go to school because we live in Gatineau. This really made them angry. To top it off, we got the twinnies vaccinated. It went badly. I would have rather being watching Gnomeo and Juilette (but no one in my family will go with me).
Anonymous said…
Those are the best kinds of family days. (Hope you're feeling better by the time you read this!)
Kelly Miller said…
Your walk sounds really neat. I didn't realize that sap would have that kind of impact on trees.

Also, had to crack up about Angus speaking in sentences. Javi talks my ear off, but I know the monosyllabic conversations will hit us one day.
Patti Murphy said…
What a lovely family day indeed. Glad you're on the mend.
Julie said…
sounds like the weekend ended on a much better note than it started. hope you are on the mend and that the ickyness is soon over.
alison said…
Hmmm, I haven't been out on the Lime Kiln trail since November so I have no idea if the chickadees there are similarly churlish. The movie sounds good, and frankly, I'd rather see I am Number Four than Gnomeo and Juliet.
Anonymous said…
I'm expecting to see "I Am Number Four: surprisingly ... bearable" in the testimonials they run beside movies in the paper. ;)

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