Stream of Unconsciousness

I'm cranky. Not in general. Today was a pretty good day. The kids had dentist appointments first thing. I was going to cancel them because the kids have only been back at school a week since missing a week, and Eve was sick half of last week, but then I was thinking about what I was going to say to the receptionist when I called -- should I go into the whole 'they just missed a week of school right after Christmas, and I don't know if I want them to miss another couple of hours right now', or should I say my daughter was sick and my husband was in France so there wasn't anyone to take Angus if Eve stayed home from school, or should I make up a field trip... it got so complicated I decided it would be simpler to just go to the fucking appointment. Then I dropped the kids off at school. Well, Angus I dropped off. Eve I walked through the school out the back to the portable, then realized there was no one in the portable, then went back to the office where we'd just signed in, except the back door we'd come out locked on us so we had to walk all the way around to the front (did I mention it was -27?), to be told that her class had squished into an empty computer lab because the portable was too cold. Then I went to the gym. Well, I was going to go straight to the gym but then I realized my back was really sore and remembered I could hardly read in bed last night because my tailbone hurt so much. So first I called my chiropractor and went there, then I went to the gym. I haven't done weights in a few weeks, and when I went to do weights all the weight machines were moved around, so I had to stand there like an idiot figuring out the new configuration and then figuring out which machines I usually did, since turning them around made them completely unrecognizable in some cases.

I came home, had lunch, went to pick up the kids. We came home, they rested for half an hour, then we started piano practice, which has been badly neglected lately what with vacations and post-vacation homework and Eve being sick. It was a little painful, but we got through it. Then Eve and I experimented with splatter-painting invitations for her splatter-painting birthday party while Angus did research for his speech. Then I realized I was late starting dinner and started dinner. Then I cleaned up and gave Eve a bath.

I'm cranky just now, because I can't think of anything else to blog about. Plus someone else had a blog post up that was a letter to their kid on her birthday. I hate when people do this. Not because I don't think it's a great thing to do. Just because I've never gotten my act together in order to do it, and my first kid is TEN.

I'm cranky because I feel the exact opposite of witty and insightful. I WANT TO BE WITTY AND INSIGHTFUL. I consider them my consolation for not being thin. Oh well. I showed up. Hey there. How're y'all doing?


Nicole said…
I kind of hate those kinds of days, where everything seems like a big giant pain. Those are SO ANNOYING. Especially when it is so cold! Ugh, I had those days last week where I felt like my brain, it had melted, and I wanted to make witty remarks but I could think of nothing. Then my period finally started and I stopped flipping out on my annoying surroundings. Was that over sharing? Sorry!
Kelly Miller said…
Witty and insightful are my thin, too. Work it!
Mary Lynn said…
Youch! -27?!? Man, I hated being in a portable during days like that when I was a kid. It was always cold in the portable.

Showing up is good. It's more than I've done on my blog for the last month (well, till today).
Hey, showing up is sometimes all that matters. And I think we're both witty. Although I'm definitely not insightful.
Gwen said…
I just LOVE those birthday letters to the children. I think they are sweet and so nice to read. Sadly, as soon as I am done reading the lovely post, I feel like a complete failure because I have never, ever written anything so heartfelt to my children. Then I think, "Oh they will read my blog when they're older and LOVE it"! Ummm...but after some review, I realise that perhaps I'm not as lovey dovey as I could be on my blog. And since I didn't fill out any baby books (isn't it enough that I BOUGHT the books???), my children are going to be less than impressed with me. But chocolate seems to wash the failure away. Because "thin" isn't working for me either.
Pamela said…
I think you're plenty witty & insightful. That line about not recognizing the weight machines because they were turned around? Actually made me laugh out loud - mostly because it sounds like something I'd do too! Not to mention that you did all those things, plus went to the gym while your husband's away. I'd be a freaking basket case.
Anonymous said…
in my book if you've even come within walking distance to the gym, then you've accomplished a lot.
Lynn said…
Did you and Eve make those splatter paintings in this post? I really like them - how did you make the circle shapes?
Wrath Of Mom said…
Oh, the birthday letters are so annoying. Maybe they wouldn't be annoying if they were written and shared privately, but when they are posted on a blog they just come across as bragging and smug "I win at the Mommy War!" propaganda.

OK. It would appear that I can be neither witty nor insightful nor civil.

I do like the splatter paint creations, however.
Anonymous said…
I don't think anyone is required to be witty or insightful in January. January is just not compatible with those things. It's more compatible with drinking hot chocolate and watching TV. So you get a pass from me.

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