The story of my Friday and Saturday

The previous one, not the most recent one because I've been lazy and disorganized. Also, I'm too lazy to get up and get my camera so the pictures will have to wait.

So five of us, who went to high school together, who all turned 40 this year (I guess we didn't allow any of those tiresome grade-skipper overachievers into our little group back then). At the Hotel Indigo downtown, with which I was unfamiliar and where I'm reasonably confident we were the only guests, but it was nice, and it is my favourite colour.

Friday night four of us got to the hotel and had some drinks before going out for dinner. I still haven't figured out if I didn't drink quite as much as everyone else or if I'm just still a whiny self-conscious killjoy, because I did spend a lot of the evening once we left the hotel worrying that we were being too loud and obnoxious. We walked from the hotel to the Green Papaya and were served by a waitress who initially appeared very sweet and demure and then turned out to be a sarcastic smartass ("Okay, we have one fried tofu, one pad thai with chicken, one panang with beef and one eggplant with chicken, no - beef, no - chicken, no - tofu, no - chicken, with one chili pepper, no - two chili peppers" : Rachelle was feeling a little indecisive.) Then Rachelle told us about their family road trip from Whitefish, Ontario to some little town in Wisconsin to pick up a tractor, which made us double over and pound the table and gasp for breath and scream with laughter (while I occasionally shushed everyone). Then we ate a bunch of stuff. Then we walked back to the hotel. Bonnie produced print-outs of facts and trivia from the year we were all born, the information that we were all born in the year of the dog, and various other fun stuff, and she also informed us that she had engaged a handsome dark-skinned man named Adonis to come to our room the next evening. To take our pictures. I had designed necklaces and had them made by A Charmed Obsession on Etsy. Anne Marie gave us martini glasses and chocolate and Rachelle had some Chinese red bean things and some lychees that weren't actually lychees and we drank lychee liqueur with quasi-lychees and talked long into the night.

Saturday we went to The Holtz Spa for various assorted peeling, painting and kneading surfaces. I had a pedicure, with another smartass attendant who looked at the giant pile of foot-scrapings in her lap and said "people don't usually get pedicures in order to lose weight". Look, my feet are weird and it makes me walk weird and I have mother-freaking callouses and I'm a LITTLE SENSITIVE about it, OKAY? Then they put us in this magnificent white room with white couches and white carpets and white chairs and we drank red wine (this is what passes for risqué party behaviour at forty) and turned into ooze. Patti showed up and had a massage that added another inch to her neck.

I can't read really long blog posts, so I'm going to leave Saturday evening for tomorrow. Try not to die of suspense.


Julie said…
ok, so it's tomorrow. where's my saturday night fix?
Nicole said…
That sounds fun! I kind of giggled about the white couches and red wine. What if some spilled? OMG!
I'm glad I'm not the only one sensitive about getting pedicures. I had one smart ass woman make some comment about my callouses and I've never been truly able to enjoy a pedicure again.
Patti Murphy said…
I forgot about the comment about your feet. That's so classic. My feet are super callous-y too.I can tap dance in my bare feet.

That was such a lovely time.

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