Wordless Wednesday Wedding Pictures

Sometimes after stories Zarah lets Sophie play with her shoes.

It was right about now that Eve realized that my shoes suck and asked if she could live with Zarah.

"We're gonna have the same dress, and the same sweater, and the same shoes, and we'll be like twins, and it's gonna be awesome!"

Shield your eyes from the adorableness:

It's all about the shoes

This is where we started shouting at them to put each other in headlocks. Sadly, not a one of them knew what the hell we were talking about. I somehow thought that a headlock was part of genetic memory. Guess I was wrong.

They were playing her song. All night.

You wouldn't believe how hard he had to work to get her to do this:

The almost nauseatingly happy couple:

And one of him gazing adoringly into her -- oh. Never mind.


Pamela said…
Great pics! Loving the girls twin dresses & sneakers - where can I buy rocking shoes like those?
Looks like the groom was ready for the wedding night to begin. :)

I do love the girls' shoes.
Mary Lynn said…
Awesome, awesome photos. The girls looked soooooo cute in those shoes.

Love that last pic, too. I definitely think those cards you gave them were perfect.
Julie said…
i want eve's shoes! my feet are small enough, i could totally wear them.

i agree with ml, your cards will be perfect. the bride is totally rocking that awesome head piece!
Anonymous said…
So much adorable in this post. I think I have a cavity. But in a good way.
Nicole said…
Those are fabulous pictures. Wow are those girls CUTE! I love the matching dresses. Sob, I love weddings SO MUCH! The picture of the dad-daughter dancing...love it. And I am coveting that necklace you are wearing. It is gorgeous (as are you!).
Shan said…
Fantastic pictures. Looks like you all had a great time. And those shoes have to be from the children's Place.
Amber said…
It is ALWAYS all about the shoes. Looks like tons of fun, I love weddings.
Anonymous said…
I don't know where to begin there is a lot of great shoes in this post!
Sandra said…
YOu tell her those shoes will ruin her back and give her bad posture!
Love the pictures though, and do love those cute lace up runners!

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