I very determinedly mooched around for much of today. This was the first day the kids were in school since Matt got back home and I figured I was going to be tired and out of sorts so I decided I wouldn't really try to get too much done before picking the kids up, taking them to piano, getting groceries and making dinner. I have this bad habit of thinking I'm going to have a relaxing day and then letting my stupid Catholic guilt wreck it, which totally defeats the purpose of being lazy. So I mooched. Even though I don't really like the word mooch. Or nibble -- why does anything ever need to be nibbled? Eck, the very sound of it makes my shoulders creep up and my nose all wrinkly. And snippets. I hate snippets of anything. Little pieces? Fine. Wee bits? Grand. No snippets.

While we were having supper Angus asked Matt if he'd been everywhere in the world yet. No, I did not put him up to this. Matt said the list of places he hasn't been in still much longer than the list of places he has been. Then we decided to figure out which continents he hasn't visited (Africa, Antarctica and South America, but I've been to Africa so between the two of us we've nearly got them covered). Eve was trying to talk about Asia but kept saying it in French which she and Angus found hilarious. Then Angus asked what the biggest country was and I started singing the song I always sing to help me remember this because I suck at geography and love the Arrogant Worms. So then we played this while we were finishing supper -- hilarious AND educational. 

After supper I had a mini freak-out because I remembered that my assignment is due on Friday and HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING MOOCHING WHEN PUTTING SEARCH STRINGS TOGETHER AND COMBING DATABASES FOR facts on fibromyalgia and new cars and the 1911 census MUST BE DONE? Then I sat down and finished one question and decided it wasn't so bad. Then I ate some candy cane kisses and then became annoyed by all the stupid little wrappers that had to be hidden when I heard my husband coming downstairs. The stupid little snippets are hardly nibble-able.

BUT let us all celebrate the fact that for the first time in weeks I DON'T have a zit of gargantuan proportions camping out on one corner of my chin or the other or both. No? Okay, maybe just me. "I'm the second...largest country..."


Pam said…
That's the first time I've heard that Worms song! Thanks!... and now it is stuck in my brain.
So what the heck happened in the 1911 census? Don't leave me hanging!
Congrats on the clear complextion. The little frustrating Hersey's thingies must be the key.
Anonymous said…
I have this zit on my ear that is annoying the hell out of me. I've tried everything, including talking to it very sternly, but it refuses to budge. Sigh.
Nicole said…
I hate the word mooch too. I also hate the word moist. Moisturizer = okay. Moist = disgusting. Even when talking about a cake. Moist, ew.

So, perhaps I've shared this story, or perhaps not. This summer we were visiting my in-laws and I had a large pimple on my jawline (I was getting my period, what can I say). It was large but it wasn't like a deformity or anything. My MIL - twice, on two separate occasions, and with many, many people around - commented on it. And by commented, I mean she said "WHAT is that horrible BLEMISH on your FACE?" When I said it was, well, a blemish, she said "Are you SURE? It looks terrible!" So be glad you don't have my MIL.
Ms. G said…
The song is a riot! Here, I could have done your homework for you. Fibromyalgia hurts, new cars are wonderful and the 1911 census was taken in 1911.

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