Savages at Civilization

One Field Trip:

Duration: All Damned Day (I'm pretty sure that's what it said on the actual volunteer sheet). 

Three grade five classes. 

 Five girls in my group. 

 One kick-ass museum (that unfortunately is very easy to lose children in). 

 Wood carvings, totem poles and puffin head masks.

 Writing your name in hieroglyphics

 A pyramid mystery workshop and a very realistic-looking mummy. A crazy funny museum employee and a hilarious music workshop involving elastics with pennies wrapped around our shoes to make tappers, Indonesian musical instruments, African drums, a story about a rhinoceros and an elephant, and a move called 'le wiper'. (Yep. I tap danced. With my son. Pretty much worth the price of admission right there, wouldn't you say?) 

 Roughly two hours of bus riding both ways.

 One kid with a poked eye and one with his head stuck in the sleeve of his jacket.

 Two extra-strength Advil.

 One day that turned out considerably better than I thought it might.


Anonymous said…
I hope they gave you the Advil. It sounds like the least they could do, under the circumstances.
Ms. G said…
I would say yes, the tap dancing makes it worth the whole day : )
Julie said…
glad to hear you had a good day at my old stomping grounds.

advil and a shot of something to make your tummy warm and fuzzy is what i would have gone for!
Nicole said…
I'm strangely happy to hear that there is, out there, someone else who gets his head stuck in his jacket sleeve. Because I thought Jake was the only one who could accomplish that.
Pam said…
Hey! Where's the picture of you tap dancing?! Glad the day was fun, with the help of super-Advil.
Mary Lynn said…
Aw! I love the Museum of Civilization. I haven't been there in AGES.

Yay Advil.
Amber said…
You are brave to be one of the field trip parents. I do not think that is something I would ever do, it isn't safe to take as much Advil as I'd need.
Eve said…
The whole experience sounds very interesting, to say the least. I'd like to try the tap dancing myself.
I've been on two field trips and they were the true test of patience for me. I dread the next field trip request form because I feel obligated to offer to be a parent helper. I just can't say no.
Rosemary said…
You really do need a day off after one of those trips don't ya? I've done several and I've learned oh so much :) especially about myself...

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