Sat(on ass all)urday Rant

Yay my husband's home. My stock response to anything the kids have said all day is "I don't know, talk to your father". I have read two Saturday papers cover to cover. I have coined scathing responses to this article by Johanna Schneller, about her interview with Billy Bob Thornton, who acted like a total asshat last year on Q, a CBC radio show hosted by Jian Ghomeshi. Schneller calls Thornton a 'courtly iconoclast', and 'self-deprecating', and 'candid' and I don't know that he actually autographed her butt but she seems to have done everything short of planting a big old smacker on his. Because you know, he's "overly sensitive", and "I carry too much of what I see and hear" -- this in his own words, and this separates him from Robert Pattinson how? She claims that his bitchy mutterings, sullen teen-agerish silences and general douche-baggery on Q were a 'rejection of an opportunity to shill' in an age of 'relentless self-promotion'. This reminds me of when I was doing my Master's in Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto in whatever the hell year it was and Derek Walcott was teaching a course. Some of the students thought that he was a little detached and dismissive as a teacher. I was out at a pub and one of the other girls said, with a breathless, groupie-ish air "but you know, I think it's that he's, well, he's a poet, and he doesn't want to be teaching these obsessed-with-marks, academic, grad students". To which another prof who was there drily replied, "then that's when you say I appreciate the job offer but no thank-you all the same". So yeah -- Billy Bob, how about you say no thanks to the interview or if you agree to do the interview, then USE YOUR FUCKING WORDS.


Anonymous said…
Billy Bob Thornton is an idiot. But now we all know who Jian Ghomeshi is, even if we don't listen to Q (which I do), so Jian doesn't lose TOO badly in the whole thing.

But it's true that I will never be able to take Billy Bob seriously again. Of course, that's assuming I could take him seriously in the first place. ;)
Mary Lynn said…
Hee...I like that prof's response. Exactly.
Wrath Of Mom said…
I like that professor's comments, too.

As for Billy Bob, I think he's an ass. His real claim to fame is not music nor acting, but bedding and wedding Angelina Jolie. But what would I know? I'm just "mashed potatoes without the gravy." Schneller sounds like she's quite the BBT fan-girl.
Reed said…
I shall keep 'courtly iconoclast' as a special way of referring to certain Professors at my university. And then I shall snigger happily to myself.

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