Knowing Me Knowing You November 2010

Knowing Me Knowing You! From the Almighty Shan, the Fairy Blogmother! Just in time for a scheduled Sunday post while I'm driving home from Barrie and trying not to fall off the nablopomobile! Yay Shan!

1) What's on your (my) Christmas list?

Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. A few years back we stopped exchanging gifts among the adults on my side of the family because it just seemed kind of silly -- we were all exchanging the same hundred-odd bucks over and over again. Now we just buy for the kids and if someone sees something small that's perfect for someone we pick it up. Matt usually takes the kids out for stuff for me, and it's always awesome -- Chapters gift certificates, fridge finger puppets of literary figures, fuzzy socks. And my mother in law has an uncanny knack for picking out the exact thing that I've been wanting but would never buy myself, often something kitchen-like. But really, I don't need anything. I need less stuff, not more. Although presents? are fun.

2) Do you have a handheld video game in your house? 

Two of 'em. Three, before we gave Angus's Gameboy to my nephew. Angus's was a joint decision, Eve's was sprung on me when Matt decided to take Angus out and buy it as a present to Eve from Angus. Cute, but kind of expensive and a little too soon, in my opinion. She loved it, though. Both of them have seen furious use at various times. Neither of them have been used much lately, if at all -- Eve actually left hers at piano one week and didn't realize it was gone until we went back and the teacher gave it to her. It might be time to re-gift or sell them used. They saved our ass on long drives before the kids had ipods (yeah, they have ipods too -- it was my Mom! Not me!) 

3) Are you going to participate in the 25 Days of Christmas challenge?

I only found out about this halfway through last year. It sounds like a great idea. I tend to get overwhelmed with Christmas-ish-ness -- one family activity every day might be a nice way to put the brakes on the crazy a little. And I do like forcing my son to spend time with me. :)

4)What is your favourite kind of cookie? 

Oatmeal. Or any available.

5) Coffee or tea?

Tea, if anything. I've never been in the habit of having hot drinks, even in the morning. But I've started going to Starbucks at Chapters every Tuesday with my friend Patti while our girls dance, and after I took the menu-reading and beverage-ordering introductory course I managed to order something called a Vanilla Rooibos tea latte which has to be good for my bones and often floats around in my dreams being milky and vanilla-y and luscious. Sometimes I wake up at 5 a.m. and count the hours until Starbucks opens.


Mary Lynn said…
I want a photo of the fridge finger puppets of literary figures. Those sound awesome.
Yeah, it's nearly Christmas! Or, at least, nearly Christmas-planning-season ;)

I'm planning a month of Christmas crafts and activities for my blog, probably with a link-up, if you fancy joining in there as well... the 25 days thing sounds fun too :)
Nicole said…

This from the woman who drinks about eight cups a day. I mentioned that casually to a friend and she looked at me like I had just confessed that I am a heroin addict/ prostitute/ rodeo clown. So, having a lovely Vanilla Roobios latte is probably better than facing that kind of scorn.
Ms. G said…
Where do they find the finger puppets? I'm putting them on my list.
My mother-in-law does the same kind of magic. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have a popcorn maker and warm, fuzzy flannel nightie.
Julie said…
we don't exchange gifts with the fam either. just the hubby and i. and that is basically just stocking stuffer. i love christmas stockings.

must try this vanilla tea thing at starbucks. but i think i will have to wait until you give me that odering introductory course. that place intimidates me.
Shan said…
My husband and I don't exchange gifts as a general rule. The odd time if we happen upon something really fantastic then we will, but that 's not often. I still buy for our parents and brothers and sisters, but I try to gift things we've made or give the gift of time. It's been working out very well. Thanks for playing!

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