I Will Survive while Shaking my Groove Thing in a Boogie Wonderland

Week-end was fabulous beyond description. We stayed with a friend of my friend who was coming to the play with us, which made me a little nervous (I shower a lot. I snore. I like my space. People I don't know freak me out. I like the impersonality and anonymity of hotels) but she and her husband were so amazingly nice -- they made us breakfast! Twice! And I had my own room -- the craft room, with a futon, and a bookshelf with ample reading material, including a book called 'Sexy Hormones' which I various read as 'Sexy Homeowners' and 'Sexy Mormons', both of which made me think these were people I really wanted to know -- and I woke up once and someone in the room next to me was snoring which was a tremendous relief.

There was some of this:

A little of this:

And, of course, this:

The show was amazing. When my friend suggested going back in May, I didn't think "oh, I really want to see that", I thought "yippee, week-end away with my girlfriends". But I can't think of anything I've enjoyed more in recent memories. The review I'd read made it sound like it was lightweight, campy fun, which it was of course, but I also found it quite powerful in places. The casting was impeccable and the music was smashing -- I was grinning like an idiot for most of it, when I wasn't laughing in a loud unladylike fashion. I believe my toe even tapped -- and my toe very rarely taps.

Then there was this for amusement on the way home:

(so much better than those places where you buy two and only get one).

Now I'm back in reality, with one kid home sick today, one husband en route to Asia and Australia for two weeks, parents in Arizona, a house that resembles the aftermath of Krakatoa and a lack of will to do anything productive. And those men's legs were waaaaay better than mine. Oh well. We'll always have Toronto. And World Trivia Night is on Friday! (although based on the game we played in the car on the way down, my team would be better off replacing me with the nearest homeless person).


Anonymous said…
I'm glad it was a great weekend!

And I am 5'2". This means that my legs will never be anything other than short. Sigh.
Anonymous said…
I love your necklaces.
Nicole said…
OMG, there is that fabulous necklace again! I love it!

Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I'm jealous! I'm glad you could have such a great time prior to your husband's trip.
Gwen said…
Lucky you! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You should do it more often!

Yeah, I love the 1 for 1 pizza. We have one near my home. Never order from there because the name irritates me!!!
Mary Lynn said…
Awesome! So glad you had such a great weekend. You've convinced me I definitely have to get tickets for Priscilla.
Pamela said…
That looked & sounded like so much fun! I loved the movie & I bet the show was even more fabulous.
Betsy B. Honest said…
Welcome back to reality.

You have such a talent for titles. Amazing.
Kelly Miller said…
Sounds like a fantastic weekend away! I'm jealous.
I'm with Nicole, I love your necklace. I'm a little envious of your weekend. Sounds super fab.
Pam said…
Sounds like awesome with a bit of amazing and giddy on the side. Glad you had a great girls escape. You deserve it! May you survive with your challenging week and be shaking your groove thing for your trivia wonderland night in no time.
Julie said…
awesome weekend! glad to hear that prescilla was so good. i hope it comes around to o-town. ha!

to friday my dear!

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