How NaBloPoMo Can You Go?

Yah, I know that makes no sense. After all my moaning about how long November is, I totally didn't realize that today was the last day. Seems like I should have something more auspicious than...what I have.

My friend Pam's husband is away for an unspeakable amount of time so I picked up her kids and took them to school this morning so she could stay in her pajamas, because my Dad picked up the kids a couple of times while Matt was away and I stayed in my pajamas and it was five flavours of awesome. I worked in the library for a few hours and got my cuteness fix from Eve's adorable little twin friends who always come up and hand me their books beaming these fantastic little smiles. And their hair is a different length so I can tell them apart. Then I went to Winners to stock up on advent calendar stuff. Then I went to Chapters to buy battling rodents for my nephew and an obsessive compulsive squirrel book and toy for my other nephew and in a fit of giddiness I bought Come Thou Tortoise and The Elegance of the Hedgehog for myself because it was Just Too Perfect, they were clearly meant to be togther, with me -- I just barely managed not to buy Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk (had to draw the line somewhere).

Then I came home and started looking through the Christmas boxes for these little boxes of 24 elf-hats that I got a couple of years ago at IKEA and decided that I would use this year instead of getting the Spiderman or Princess ones with the cheap sub-standard chocolate in them. Why? Beats the hell out of me. If my kids are happy to eat the sub-standard chocolate, why the hell am I not just keeping the good stuff for myself? Okay anyway, the advent hat thingies were in the last box. Not the last box I looked in, because duh. The very. last. Christmas. box. And if you'd seen my storage area, that would have a much bigger impact. Okay, I've just looked at some other DIY advent calendars and am having severe advent calendar envy. Then I took Eve to dance, and two other Moms and I ended up at....Chapters. Again! I managed not to buy anything this time (not even my tall vanilla rooibos tea latte because Patti owed me girl guide cookie money.) Then we went back to pick up the girls and the teacher reminded us next week was parents' night and half of us said "yay we get to go in and watch" and half of us said "you mean we don't get to go to Chapters?" I won't mention which half was which.

Then we came home. And I would be overjoyed that it was the last day of November except that we all know what comes next....



Nicole said…
We just got Scaredy Squirrel in the Dark! From the Scholastic Book Fair! It was one of the non-Justin-Bieber choices.

If you want to feel better about yourself, you should look at absolutely any DIY thing I have done. The part of my brain in charge of crafts or artistic ability is broken.
Patti Murphy said…
If I had my act together, I would have done a bit of Christmas shopping at Chapters tonight, since next week's out of the question.

That means no RudeBoss tea for you. Unless you go earlier of course.
Anonymous said…
You ROCK! I felt extremely indulgent being in my pjs mid-day and not being sick.
Chapters wanders are awesome. Let me know how you like your animal themed books.
It always bugs me to give the kids crap chocolate too. I don't know why I should care so much. But I do...although they BEGGED for cheapo advent calendars when they saw them in the store this year and so tomorrow we welcome December with Princess and Spiderman chocolate flavoured wax.
I'm excited about December this year. And *not* just because the NaNoWriMo pressure is off ;)

(Actually, I say 'this year' as if it's unusual, but I'm a giddy kid at heart so I'm *always* excited by December!)
Julie said…
what a crazy productive day. and you rock picking up pam's kids. feel free to drive to the other side of the city and pick the jellybean bean up anytime. and keep him for the day if you like. ;-)

i have a home made advent calendat that i made even before the jb was around. it's filled each dy with a little stuffed thing (picture will come at the end of the month). this year though i am putting a little chocolate in each pocket so that the jb can have his early morning fix before putting the stuffy thing in. he was rather thrilled this morning.
Julie said…
Mary Lynn said…
Oh, I love Scaredy Squirrel.

I always wimp out and do the standard chocolate Advent calendar. Any other kind of advent calendar always seems like so much work, and I'm a lazy bugger, really.

Well done with NaBloPoMo postings. Join me in issuing a deep sigh of relief that THAT's over.
Anonymous said…
I am totally cool with giving my kids cheap chocolate Advent calendars. But I refuse, REFUSE, to buy them calendars with licensed characters on them. Spiderman does not belong on an Advent calendar. Also, candy canes should taste like peppermint.

I am a holiday purist.

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