Fried Day

Yay. My husband is home. I can now make him do everything and then tell him how he's doing it all wrong. Because yes, apparently a large part of me IS still in grade nine. Blissful P.D. day. Kids are still in the pajamas I gave them yesterday. We all read, then Eve fell asleep for two hours and woke up outraged that she had "slept much longer than I planned to". 

Tremendously exciting package arrived from Budding Artists. It's run by a friend of a friend, so I had heard about it years ago, but being your basic disorganized lazy procrastinator, it took me this long to get my act together and send them some of Eve's art. I put in a huge order for Christmas gifts for both sides of our family. We got fridge magnets, coasters, luggage tags, garden stakes, a coffee cup and a shirt for my nephew, all with Eve's pictures on them. I hadn't told her about it and her reaction when we opened the box was priceless -- loud, and priceless. Also, I had forgotten that I placed the order, and now I've realized that most of my Christmas shopping, for the most difficult-to-buy for people is done. DONE!! And if they don't like it, well that basically makes them monsters, because it's their granddaughter's/great-granddaughter's/niece's purest expression of her creativity, right? Some people include a card with their gifts -- I like to slip in a little emotional blackmail. 

I'm still pissed off at myself for not doing this when Angus still would have gotten more of a kick out of it. I think I will do it with some of the stuff he drew when he was younger -- there was a particular 'house with a tree and a butterfly' period he went through that should be preserved for posterity. I still haven't decided if Eve's 'naked people with enormous hands and belly buttons' should be immortalized or hidden away forever though. Gotta go. Matt is getting the kids ice cream and I mustn't miss my chance to criticize while not doing anything to help. Welcome home, honey.


Her art looks very much like some art I saw at a recent installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery. She has the folk art market cornered.

I think this is a really cool idea for a gift.
Sandra said…
You're so funny! You openly admit to micromanaging...a woman after my own heart!
And yes, you're absolutely right, it's not "ewwwww" that I meant, it was "ooooooh" but do you know, when I was writing "ewwwww" I knew that was the wrong spelling but I couldn't for the life of me remember how to spell it the proper way...and I call myself a blogger!
Anonymous said…
Emotional blackmail really is the gift that keeps on giving. ;)
Mary Lynn said…
Ohmygosh, that is such an awesome idea for a gift. I definitely have to get some stuff made out of Hana's art. Ooooh! She would love it.

Emotional blackmail really is the gift that keeps on giving...LOL. Amber cracks me up.
Gwen said…
LOVE IT!!!! Eve must have felt awfully special!
Kelly Miller said…
I'm checking it out now. Perfect holiday gifts!
Julie said…
what, you can give a gift without the emotional blackmail? not in our family you can't.

love this company. i am considering putting the jb's first family portrait on something.

welcome home to the husband.
Reed said…
That is THE most excellent idea. The art on mugs and teeshirts and such, that is, not the husband supervision (though, that too is an excellent past-time, and one I enjoy oh, so very often).
Pam said…
Love the art! And the emotional blackmail comment. :-)

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