Friday -- Funny?

Since by the time you're reading this I will likely be somewhere on the 417 headed south, in a van coated with a thin film of cheesie dust and carbonated beverage residue and two kids looking up from their ipods long enough to ask "are we almost there?" every twenty-five minutes or so, while trying not to nod off or alienate the insufferable British bitch who lives in my GPS (kidding, Calpurnia, I love you), I'm not sure what the hell is so funny about this Friday. 

Here. Have some airplane maintenance jokes. Nothing like knowing that the people who make aircraft safe for travel at 30 000 feet are having such a hoot, huh? 

Oh! Oh! This is funny. Eve at the supper table last week: tell me this could come out of anyone but a child of the 2000s:

"Braden (boy who sits beside her) really likes me. He said I was a great artist. Then he let me borrow his hand sanitizer."


Gwen said…
LMAO!!! You crack me up!

Good luck with the drive/weekend.
Julie said…
i haven't met her, but man i love that kid!

safe travels!
Mary Lynn said…
Sharing the hand sanitizer, eh? Wow...that's getting pretty serious.

Hope traffic behaves for you!
Magpie said…
Your GPS lady is Calpurnia? Ours is Tracy. We talk back to Tracy a lot.
Nicole said…
A girl in my son's class told him she was going to marry him so that I would give her mom my sugar cookie recipe. I was flattered and all, but hey, one does not need to be my in-law just to obtain my sugar cookie recipe.
Ms. G said…
You, Calpurnia and the kids have a good trip.
Eve is a smart girl. Find a nice conscientious boy who has his sanitizer. Not one of those icky ones with cooties: )
Anonymous said…
Hand sanitizer? That's serious.

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