Expletive deleted

So Eve started coughing last Monday. Last Monday, when Matt was still home and would be for a week. She was coughing, but nothing else. She wasn't stuffed up or feverish or lethargic. She went to school every day and played with her friend next door most nights and it was all good. I went away for the week-end -- still good. But coughing. When did that nagging but basically unassuming cough turn into something a little more sinister? I'll tell you when: the minute -- probably the goddamned mother-cursed bugger-freaking SECOND -- my husband's plane passed out of Canadian airspace. On Monday, a WEEK after the original cough began. Seriously -- it's like a switch flips once he's gone and all manner of mishaps, catastrophes and incidents of mayhem (MAYHEM I say) descend upon us. Stairs cannot be traversed without falls. Fingers bend in strange and unintended-by-nature ways. Maggots infest the green bin. The clocks run backward and blood streams from the taps. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But the huge days-long power blackout in 2003? He was in Boston. And the only time Eve has ever had an ear infection immediately followed by a stomach virus, he was in goddamned Switzerland. True story.

So I took Eve to the doctor today. I'm a stay at home Mom and she was home from school so we could have gone at any time they could squeeze us in. Naturally the time they could squeeze us in was the exact time when I would have to be picking Angus up from school (I got him to go home with a friend) which then resulted in us getting onto the highway at the exact hour we like to call Rush. WITHOUT a prescription, because the doctor would like her to get a chest x-ray just to make sure it's pneumonia. Sure. Great. Hate antibiotic overuse. WAHHHHHHH!!!

Oh well. She did get a puffer. She's still feeling well enough to be a smartass. And Angus just took her upstairs to run her bath.

God, let the hot water tank be working.


Alicia said…
Thanks for making me laugh today. Laughing with you, that is - not at you. Good luck with the rest of your time on your own :) I'm preparing myself for my first trip away without baby in a couple weeks and leaving Hubby and baby on their own for 3 days...wish me luck!
I hope it's not pneumonia! My son was sent home with pneumonia and then ended up spending the night at children's hospital when it all went bad. But it went bad very quickly. Shit, I shouldn't be scaring you like this. Sorry! Ignore. Ignore. If she's had it for a week it's probably okay.
Gwen said…
AHHH! Is it pneumonia? No antibotics?! I mean, puffers are good (I don't leave home without mine) but antibotics are simply a MUST! I typically say, "Why don't you write down the prescription, and then you can call me and let me know if I should fill it...I'm on my own, and it's just too much to have to come back again tomorrow..."

I do hope Eve feels better, and that the whole "Smart Ass" thing clears up. Good luck!
Mary Lynn said…
Cripes. I love my doctor because she offers to give us the prescription and just tells us to wait a day or two to see if we really need to get it filled. And I do wait--but at least on the occasions when the problem does stick around, I don't have to traipse back to the doctor's office for another appointment.
Anonymous said…
No fun. I hope that Eve is feeling much better really soon, and that no further mishaps occur during your husband's absence.
Julie said…
maggots suck, but pneumonia sucks more. hope the chest extra was clear. seems like a bunch of little ones have come down with it this season. weird.

one more sleep and you get to let loose tomorrow night. and let loose i mean make your brain work hard. sounds fun, doesn't it?

Kelly Miller said…
Ew, maggots!

Hopefully all the crap happened in one day and you will be smooth sailing (for a while).
Pam said…
Matt owes you BIG. Sure, he really doesn't have anything to do with it all but it is important to point the finger. I think a festive pedi must be in our future.
The key to a stress-free life is obvious: shred his passport. Don't ever let him leave the country again. Obvious, really ;)

I hope she gets better soon!

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