Balls to you if you don't think this is funny

Yes, I am incredibly immature. I pride myself on being puerile. When I saw The Pillow Book with my boss from the book store where I worked, I could only look at Ewan McGregor buck naked for a second or two before I filled the theatre with hysterical giggles and almost got simultaneously fired and asked to leave. My husband often gets angry at the kids for being silly at the dinner table. Then he has to get angry with me as well, because hell, it IS funny when someone keeps saying 'beef burger' over and over again in a German accent. I love this ship. Why? Because it's called a frigate. And don't you sometimes just want to say frigate? Or, go here, you can here some other guy say it over and over -- how awesome is that?

So this? Well, this made my friggin' day. And with that, I am off to Toronto to see singing men in drag, leaving my husband and children to fend for themselves for TWO whole nights. One hockey game, one hockey practice, one hockey photo session, two birthday parties... say it with me...


Julie said…
first: you're going to see prescilla??? lucky girl.

second: "To put this into perspective, a man with the same proportions would have to carry testicles weighing as much as five bags of sugar each."


have a great weekend!
Gwen said…
I find things funny ALL THE TIME, and respond by laughing hysterically! I have had to leave places because I couldn't control my laughter. The worse bit? Most of the time, I am the ONLY one laughing!
Pamela said…
Hahaha - sorry, I'm still cracking up over the "frigate" audio thing. Yep, I'm immature too & proud of it!
Nicole said…
Those are HUGE!

That's what she said.
The Mayor! said…
NICE! I just saw Wicked this week downtown, took my 2 oldest girls. It. Was. AWESOOOMMEEE!!! Have fun, & wave to me & Pamela, we're soo close lol!

Also, ya gotta love the's no fun without the silly.

Anonymous said…
OMG. The look on the scientists face in that cricket article? Totally makes it. Hee!
Mary Lynn said…
Frigate! Frigate!

I too can be ridiculously immature. Fer instance, I can't hear anyone say that they have a duty to do something withouth think, "heh heh...he said 'doody'." Sometime Ed and I even whisper it to each other and then snicker away.

Yup, moronic.

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