And I keep telling them TV makes your brain mushy

It's not that I don't know that knowledge can be derived from surprising sources. I once floored my mother by volunteering that Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner, which I learned from a Mickey Mouse comic book. Still, we lean pretty hard on the tv as entertainment, treat, opiate-of-the-masses, not edu-info-anything.

So on the way to dance tonight Eve was talking about why it rains, which they had talked about in class. This made me think about in grade six when my teacher wrote some words on the board and one of them was 'meteorologist'. Only one kid knew what a meteorologist was -- and he almost dislocated his shoulder waving his hand around, the dorky know-it-all. So today I thought I could make sure my kid had the chance to be that dorky know-it-all, and I asked her if she knew what someone who studied weather was called. She said "a meteorologist?". I said "How the hell do you know that?!" And she said (while laughing her smug little butt off) "The Suite Life on Deck".


Then she told me about the water cycle -- you know, how it rains, then the water leaches from the earth into bodies of water, then it evaporates and the clouds suck it up (keep in mind she's seven and I'm no dude) and then it rains down again. Then she said she was trying to decide if there was a similar cycle for people, but there wasn't... "unless you're a Hindu".

And that, it must be admitted, she got from here. (Hey, at least we TALK with them about the hideously inappropriate material to which we allow them to be exposed.)


Ms. G said…
I just LMAO. and I don't use those initials lightly; )Your family is awesome!
Nicole said…
Hee!!! Eve is hilarious!!

PS I was the dorky girl dislocating my shoulder.
Anonymous said…
Well, now guess which TV-free parent feels sheepish? Time to head to the electronics store, pronto!
Wrath Of Mom said…
Good for her. Clever kid.
See I knew there was a point to TV.
Gwen said…
Wow. I think Eve must be pretty clever! She retained so much of what she had heard. Good for her.

PS Like Nicole, I, too, was that dorky girl.
Julie said…
bwahahaha! i love apu. i grew up with tv and i think i'm pretty smrt. d'oh!
Pam said…
Thank God for TV! Thanks to Magic School Bus, Bill Nye and Imagineers, we are all brilliant scientists around here. And that with the weather channel, we have an unhealthy yet totally Candian obsession with that stuff that falls from the sky according to those guys.
Lynn said…
This post was a comfort. My kids are addicted to Zack and Cody - the original series in the hotel. They watch it once a day and they can mimic/act out the entire opening credits sequence.

It's nice to know that their Zack and Cody knowledge will probably lead to them becoming heads of state some day. Rock on, Family Channel!
Amber said…
I'm pretty sure I learned way more from Mr Rogers than school as a child.

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