Oh no -- NaBlo freaking PoMo

So since last year I've learned that NaBloPoMo isn't only in November -- so since I'm going to be constantly whining about the fact that November is crazy busy and my husband will be on another continent for three of the five and a half November weeks and I've been fighting something respiratory for a while now and various other heartwrenching first-world middle-class lame-ass complaints, the question might be asked, why do it in November?

Dunno. November blows. If I'm going to be enduring November suckage, I might as well have one thing that I can feel like I accomplished every day, as well as a forum for bitching about the aforesaid November suck-and-blow-ingness. I did it last November and met some cool people and ended up at World Trivia Night with Lynn -- who knows what might happen this November? Oh right -- I'm going to end up at World Trivia Night with Lynn again (and Julie! and Mary Lynn -- first time in real life! Whoo-hoo! November is in danger of not wholly sucking.)

So...once more into the breach, dear friends.

Last night Eve and I got home from yet another Halloween party (thrown by a man as a surprise party for his wife -- a man who has earned the admiration of dozens of women and the undying hatred of those women's husbands). She was cold -- something about how we went to the party in sleeveless Greek goddess dresses in the brisk but reasonable evening and came home to pumpkins covered with *&^% SNOW. I dug out a pair of fleece feet pajamas from last year. She put them on and said 'this is kind of scratchy'. I expressed disbelief, since I had just handed them to her and they were insanely fluffy. She said 'feel inside, though', and I had to admit that inside they were not nearly as soft. Since I've been known to ditch a nightgown based on some undetectable thing poking me in the shoulder, I didn't really have a leg to stand on. She took them off and handed them back to me and said "we should give them to someone who doesn't have so many issues."

Amen to that, babe.


Pamela said…
Hooray to November not sucking so much - maybe by keeping so busy it will blow right by & hardly be noticed:) Also? Eve is too funny!
Ms. G said…
I could never manage it. I'm glad you are doing it. Gives me something else to look forward to in November besides turkey: )
Eve is priceless!
Nicole said…
Heh. Someone with not so many issues.

I WANT to do NaBloPoMo but - every day? Not sure if I can handle it. Since the Scholastic freaking Book Fair is in November and I am the freaking coordinator. (Anyone want to take a shift on the Wednesday? We're short that day. Must be involved with my kids' school).

But I do wish I could do the trivia thing with you! That would be so much fun!!!
Mary Lynn said…
I'm totally counting on November being a whole lot better than October was. I dunno if I'm going to pull off this whole blogging every day thing, but I'm gonna try my best.

Ohmygosh, Eve cracks me up.

Also, World Trivia Night...squeeeee!
Lynn said…
The real reason to do it in November is that there are prizes. The other months give you nothing but personal satisfaction. Personal satisfaction can SUCK IT.

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