It's Friday, right?

I often miss the Crazy Mayor's Friday Funny thing because I'm just too disorganized and I can't be funny on cue, dammit! At my sister's wedding she said she wanted my speech to be funny, so I figured I'd have to do it on rollerblades -- me rollerblading? Now that's funny.

Matt was trying to get Angus to watch this show called The Quantum Tamers with him the other night. He was hoping that they would have some kind of father-son 'physics is cool!' moment born of quarks and particle/wave uncertainties. It didn't really happen, but hopefully it laid a little groundwork. This reminded me of an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati wherein Venus explains the atom to a wannabe high school dropout in terms of gang activity. This in turn reminded my husband that he thinks I'm a bit of a whack job with a fanciful imagination while somehow rendering him unable to recall that whenever he doesn't believe me about this kind of thing I'm almost invariably right. Witness his delicious humiliation here.

I don't actually spend a whole lot of time on Youtube, but being on there reminded me that I had been quite disappointed that I hadn't been able to find one of my favourite Saturday Night Live episode, where Alec Baldwin and Tiny Fey were riding home from work and everything either of them said offended the other one for some obscure reason. I think of this episode every time some other person goes public to 'demand an apology' for something. So I checked again and there it was -- and it wasn't Tina Fey! Which is nice for my husband, because I was just a little bit wrong.

Happy week-end, and enjoy.


Kelly Miller said…
My favorite SNL sketch was letters from the cat. Too funny!
Ms. G said…
Thank you! I don't think I can get Quantum Tamers where I live but I just delved deep and had a wonderful time playing The Mystery of Dark Matter video game ; )
Pamela said…
I miss WKRP in Cincinnati! For some reason I couldn't hear the sound on that one, but the SNL one freaking cracked me up. I love Alec Baldwin. Bobby McFerin raped my grandmother!! Bahahahah!
Nicole said…
I loved WKRP! I was just thinking about it, with the "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly". You know, being Thanksgiving and all.
Julie said…
i think the hubby has a crush on you now. you know wkrp and snl alec baldwin. the bobby mcfaren line was hysterical!
Sandra said…
You did the speech on rollerblades? That's genius! And just think how much faster you could get to the bathroom after a few drinks!
Your mention of SNL skits has me thinking of all my fave Alex Baldwin ones...remember the one about his "Schweaty balls?" was awhile ago...
I would be funnier on rollerblades. Maybe I should try that ;)

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