Further Eve-isms

Last night Eve was working on a project called My Life in a Box. She had to put in three things to represent things she liked doing (a marker, a book and a shrivelled up mushroom for drawing, reading and collecting 'nature-y' things), one thing to represent what she wanted to be when she grew up (a microphone because she wants to be a singer) and something that represented her family. She thought about putting in a picture of us but dismissed that as too obvious. Someone else had put in a movie that their family liked watching together so she didn't want to copy that. She finally decided on Yahtzee dice because we like playing Yahtzee together, and then she could tell everyone about the time her father picked up the dice to toss them into the cup we shake them in and tossed them into his drink instead, and it was almost empty but there was a little bit of wine left in it. Because, as she put it "I get to talk about booze -- (holding two thumbs up) -- Mom, that's gold!"

Tonight on our way home from dance I told Eve that when we go to our friend Chris's wedding she'll get to meet his wife Lisa's eleven-year-old daughter Hannah. Eve said "She's eleven? I love people who are older than me and aren't my brother!"


Mary Lynn said…
Eve's awesome. "That's gold!"
Pamela said…
Haha! Call me immature, but I find it hilarious when kids say booze! I also love how she didn't want to copy the other kid - she's a true original:)
Anonymous said…
Eve is right - that IS gold.

And the comment are older non-brother people cracked me up.
Nicole said…
Booze = GOLD. So very true.
Betsy B. Honest said…
Yep, gold. I love that you drink wine during family game night. I'm going to have to remember that next time someone insists on Hungry Hippo. With ridiculously communist rules she makes up herself. Sure, let's play, get the wine!
Pam said…
Glad Eve didn't put a shot glass in for her family thing. (I think Laura will be putting in a dirty sock for us. Hmmm.) I do believe Eve is the one that is GOLD.

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