If All Else Fails, We can just watch Camp Rock 2 a Bunch of Times

Back to school day minus two. We have no plans for Labour Day weekend. I hate when we have no plans and yet I go on not making plans. Angus was in Thunder Bay and Matt was in Washington and I didn't know what they would feel like and I knew that everyone we know probably would have made plans if I waited until they got back. And yet I waited. It's a mystery.

My husband got back the day before Angus, so the two of us plus Eve plus my Mom went to pick Angus up at the airport. After the incident, my mother in law said no one even asked her for I.D. when she met him in Thunder Bay. I guess they were only worried about getting stuck with him, not giving him away to a stranger. Also, while having a drink with my Mom and talking about the incident, I jokingly said "I should have just made something up, it's not like they verified it", and then felt much less amused as I realized that this was totally true and I REALLY COULD have just made it up, since there was NO WAY in hell my mother in law wasn't going to be there on the other end. Damn my inherent impulse towards honesty and trustworthiness.

When we got home from the airport, Angus went in for an emotional reunion with his Playstation 3 and Eve went next door to see if Victoria was home. Victoria is our next door neighbours' youngest daughter who was born less than a week before Eve and they're inseparable whenever schedules allow. I went over with her to ask my neighbour if she wanted to have a beer later (translation: 'holy crap I need a beer, want to have one with me so I don't look like a lonely alcoholic?'). She said they were having people over so I said never mind and she said 'no no, come over anyway, it's all the people you know from every other time you've been over', which means a few very nice couples who must think I have no friends of my own. Which is fine, I'm not proud. Matt came over for a beer then went to bed early, Angus stayed home and played video games and Eve stayed until they had no option but to invite her to sleep over -- none of the women in our family are proud, apparently. So much for my plan to start re-training Eve to not stay up way too late and sleep in until nine-thirty, since starting Tuesday we have to be out the door at eight o'clock. I left well after midnight and she was still going to watch Beetlejuice before going to bed. Then her and Victoria and Victoria's older sister Alexandra all slept on Alexandra's bed like a heap of kittens. I drank some margaritas and some vodka from a transparent skull and some pink stuff, because what the hell, I have three days to be hungover. I love my neighbours. And their friends who pretend not to think I'm a friendless party-crasher.

Memorable quotes by Angus on his trip:

"I got a new video game. That I bought MYSELF." Me: "With what money?" Him: "The money that Nana Barb gave me" (big cheesy grin).

"I got to use Bill's ipad all week". Eve: "Did you push the fart button?" Angus: Yes. Yes I did."

"Grandpa Mike took me on a boat ride. We saw the Staals' cottage. I tried to take a picture of it but it was too big."

"You'd be surprised how often it feels like the plane is going to crash when you're flying by yourself."


Mary Lynn said…
Of COURSE after all that, they don't even bother asking for ID. Yeesh.

Mmmm...vodka out of a transparent skull. Who doesn't love that?
Ms. G said…
It's been way too long since I had a margarita or anything pink. I need to work on that.
Glad Angus is home safe. I didn't want to say before but when I was 12 I was misplaced by idiots..I mean staff at an airport. They only found me because I was smart enough to notice my flight number had been called repeatedly and no one was showing up to collect me.
Anonymous said…
I am just thanking my lucky stars for afternoon kindergarten, is all I have to say. It reduces the back-to-school pressure, and this is the only year I'm going to get away with it, so I plan to revel in it.
Julie said…
i need neighbours like yours. seriously, i need somewhere where the jellybean can go so that i can actually get some work done around the house instead of playing lego men and toopy and binoo memory game. the whole single child thing is starting to show its bad side.

is there really a fart button on the new ipad? (yes, i really am that naive)
Nicole said…
Honestly, your neighbour sounds kind of awesome. My next door neighbour is really old and my across the street neighbour is a sanitation worker with man boobs who likes to mow the lawn shirtless and make suggestive comments to me about snowmobiles. I kind of want your neighbour.
The Mayor! said…
Yeah well, you did better than me...I DID sit home & watch Camp Rock 2 a BUNCH of times...like, holy crap, a BUNCH!! & cleaned & prepped for school, & cleaned some more, & watched Camp Rock yet again...

Anonymous said…
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