Cue the Drama

A couple of weeks ago Eve was in drama camp. They spent the week doing improvisation games, movement exercises, making costumes and props and working on little plays to present to the parents at the end of the week. They were awesome. They were all based on Greek myths -- Echo and Narcissus, King Midas, The Labours of Hercules and one other one I can't remember, but it was awesome because they were all awesome. Eve was King Midas's daughter -- she ran in yelling "Daddy!", got turned into gold, stood like a statue for a bit, got turned back to life (I'm not sure that really happened in the myth) and ran around shouting "I'm alive! I'm alive!", being out-hammed only by the drama King himself, the boy who played Midas. Eve's friend Marielle was Echo, who loved the sound of her own voice too much for Hera's liking, so she was cursed to only be able to repeat the words of others, and then to fall in love with Narcissus, who was only in love with himself.

In the car ride on the way home, Eve said, among many many other things, "Echo was a great part for Marielle. She talks A LOT." I was stunned by the seeming complete lack of self-awareness for a moment, then I managed to say "oh really -- does that remind you of anyone else?" She thought for a moment, then said "well yeah, I talk a lot too. But that's just because I have an interesting life."


Kitty Deschanel said…
And that's the important difference! ;)
Well, I mean if you have an interesting life then you have sooo much to talk about.
Shan said…
My gosh that kid cracks me up!
Anonymous said…
Really, if you think about it, Eve HAS to talk.

And, actually, it sounds like she has more self-awareness than most kids her age. When I was a Brownie leader all of the 8 year olds would get up at camp to complain about how everyone else was getting out of bed and keeping them up. When I pointed out that they were contributing to the problem, they totally didn't get it. "But I'm just telling you." Yeah, like everyone else who is 'keeping you up' is JUST TELLING ME.
Now that is a great comeback. A future blogger that girl.
Amber said…
She is so funny! Good for you for raising such a spirited, confident young woman.
Anonymous said…
If I could be any kid in the world it would totally be Eve.
Nicole said…
If one has an interesting life, one has to discuss it. It's for the good of humanity!
Julie said…
that eve cracks me up just about as much as you do!

love the new look.

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