Knowing Me Knowing You July 2010

We're back from the cottage again. At least I am. On the way home we stopped at another cottage belonging to our friends who are moving to Edmonton next week and Eve refused to come home, the little cottage tramp. I went on another GPS adventure coming home (I really need to stop being so certain she's trying to get me lost and leave me for dead) and saw some parts of the province I've never seen before. People on tractors and large, gorgeous swathes of tiger lilies waved at me. Now I'm home, the kitchen is mostly cleaned up, I haven't washed my face yet (I know -- cottage living has turned me into a total non-up-tight free-living slob), and I flung my bra across the room with gay abandon (straight abandon? not that there's anything wrong with gay abandon if that's the abandon that floats your boat). There's a suspicious lack of cooking evidence and a pizza flyer out on the counter - I think I just won't question the boys too closely. I got a quick, edifying lecture on delayed slide plays from my insanely adorably pin-striped baseball-uniformed son who will never ever know I just said that uniform was adorable. All this gorgeous weather, reading on the dock and hanging out with my endlessly snugglable and entertaining water sprite has totally buggered my blogging flow, so thank God it's time for Shan the Fairy Blogmother's monthly (or something) Knowing Me Knowing You (becasue you know you want to know me -- I'm awesome).

1. Do you like to garage sale?

In theory. Although my focus these days is on getting crap out of the house, not in, I like the voyeuristic aspect (although the stuff they're NOT getting rid of would be more interesting... okay now am I just being creepy?) and the fact that you just never know what you'll come across. But they start too freakin' early. I'd be more likely to stay up for one than get up for it.

2. What do or would you garage sale for?

Fake fingernails and false teeth.

3. Cloth or paper napkins?

Mostly cloth except for parties -- and not because it's easier but because when I start bringing out the cloth ones my friend Collette mocks me loudly, rips them out of my hands and throws them back in the cupboard and if I didn't have paper ones everyone would just have to lick their fingers.

4. Ever re-gift?

Oh hell yes. It's the new recycling.

5. Are you watching Big Brother or Last Comic Standing?

I hate, loathe and despise reality TV. Not because it's exploitive, ridiculous, embarrassing and offensive -- holidays with my family are all those things, and I love those. I just prefer my exploitive ridiculous television to be fictional and have unionized actors in it. Maybe if the people in Big Brother occasionally broke into ostensibly spontaneous but clearly excrutiatingly meticulously rehearsed and choreographed song and dance numbers...


Anonymous said…
I don't think that the Big Brother cast could pull off a Glee-style song and dance number. But it really would improve the show immeasurably.
*whisper* I watch Big Brother.

I can't help myself. I can't explain it.
Anonymous said…
oooh what did you read? I'm gearing up for some dockside reading too and I need some good stuff. I've just finished reading Unless and the Stone Diaries, (I know I'm a late bloomer when it comes to Carol Shields)just so you know where my head is at.
Julie said…
don't you want Dance Show?

i'd love to see your collection of false teeth.
Tammy P. said…
I LOVE garage sales! Usually get books, sometimes clothes or toys for DD. I'm w/you on the timing though, I'd prefer a later start. False teeth & fake fingernails, uhm just creepy, imo!!
Pamela said…
I'm with you - reality (shows) bite! But dude, what's up with the fake fingernails & false teeth?!
The Mayor! said…
LOL...Big Brother, most famous for casting Big Boobs...yep, can't stand that crap! BTW, I have a set of chompers if ya want them, 25 cents or best offer....
Ms. G said…
Ive been planning my garage sale for 10 years. You should see all the stuff I have for it, there might even be some fake fingernails.
Anonymous said…
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