Two-word Wednesday: Let's Be Cryptic!

Backyard Yahtzee

In Cognito (ha)

Seared tuna

Paper playground

Trixie, smile!


Anonymous said…
Seared tuna (holy snap did you make that)?! Backyard Yahtzee?! Ummmm... will you adopt me?!
Julie said…
not a fan of seared tuna, but the plate looked gorgeous. can i come for dinner?

and is that your fam in the last picture? the resemblance is incredible.
Pamela said…
Mmm, that tuna looked so much better than the frozen bass crap I had from Walmart tonight!
Shan said…
Backyard Yahtzee looks like fun!
Kelly Miller said…
I am so jealous of your back patio (and that your man plays Yahtzee with the kids on it)!

Great photos!
Anonymous said…
That tuna? Amazing.

And Yahtzee floats my boat, yo. Except it does make me a little too competitive, especially considering how much chance is involved.
Ms. G said…
My husband loves seared tuna, the poor thing I never make it for him he has to do it himself. How could someone with a wonderful name like Trixie not be smiling?
There is something for you at my blog!

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