(Won't You Take Me to) Crazy Town

I'm guest-posting today over in Crazy Town (funny how I feel right at home there). Notice how I said that all nonchalant-like, and not as if I'm hopping up and down with barely repressed excitement at my VERY FIRSTEST GUEST POST EVER (she's probably betting no one really reads blogs on Mondays.) I'm hoping the different setting will make my whining and ranting sound fresh and rejuvenated. Hope -- the thing with feathers that perches in the soul (Emily Dickinson). And then gets blown away by a strong wind and falls in a mud puddle and gets ripped to pieces by rabid bunnies (me).


The Mayor! said…
LOL....they LOVE you over in Crazy Town, just as I KNEW they would! Talk about a FABULOUS post, it's my honour to have it grace the pages of my humble little world! And no worries, Monday's are big traffic, everyone catching up from their weekend slacking!! Rabid bunnies...HA!! So glad you feel at home with me, nice to know I'm not alone out here LOL!
Anonymous said…
coming over from crazy town (although i'm not sure i've ever really left) to say i loved your post!! glad to be following!
Ms. G said…
Loved your post at Crazy Town!!! And Thank You for the comment at my blog concerning taking the books away. My Middle daughter and I officially Love You like Blood:)

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