Why I only dated football and hockey players.

Spring baseball starts tomorrow. Eve plays Monday, Angus plays Tuesday, they both play Wednesday. (Crap, I shouldn't be blogging, I should be making freezer meals. Oh well.) Angus is also glued to televised baseball every chance he gets. ("What happened? Someone hit a two-run homer? Dad, (insert name) made a great catch!") I was watching with him for a few minutes while I ate my yogurt. The pitcher threw the ball, then turned towards the camera and... did some stuff.

Me: "Oh, nice."

Angus: "I know, good strike huh?"

Me: "Actually I was referring to the fact that he spat while the camera was on him. Directly after grabbing his crotch. Classy."

Angus (indignantly): "Hey, he's got a jock on, remember."

Me: "Fair enough. And the spitting?"

Angus: "Umm... that's to keep his mouth warm. For yelling at the umpire."

And I thought French immersion was bad for having us speak two different languages.


Mary Lynn said…
Spitting to keep his mouth warm--love it. Those rationalizing skills will take Angus far.

I love watching baseball on TV...maybe someday my kids will actually let me.
Anonymous said…
I try to avoid watching sports at all costs. I suppose they might have some justification for their spitting and crotch-grabbing, but I'd still rather not see it.
Anonymous said…
Spitting to keep his mouth warm to yell at the umpire...now I am enlightened!
The Mayor! said…
LOL, somehow I can only seem to be engaged & interested in watching my kids play sports! Otherwise, I just don't have it in me to even FEIGN interest! Gotta love what kids come out with though, too funny! :-D
Julie said…
awesome form!

at least he didn't extol the virtues of chewing tobacco.

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