That about sums it up

Eve and Angus eating fortune cookies.

Eve: 'Can you read me your fortune?'

Angus: 'You are kind-hearted, hospital...hospitable, cheerful and well-liked.'

(me snickering as I manage not to add 'in bed'.)

Eve: 'What does that even mean?'

Angus: 'It means I'm awesome.'


Anonymous said…
This may be a sign that I am 12, but your addition made me laugh. Although it's probably best you managed not to say it out loud. ;)
Kelly Miller said…
Love it! He's pretty much right.
Pam said…
So true. The awesome apples don't fall far from the awesome tree there. I like good fortunes. :-)
Amber said…
I love it when you share their conversations! So. Funny.
Julie said…
you do the "in bed" thing too?? bwahahaha!
Anonymous said…
He's got that meaning down pat! Did he convince his sister?
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness for your restraint - or there would be more questions than you bargained for!

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