Brain Fry

It's hot.

 It's hot as hell, and my husband isn't here, which means I'm the designated parent for baseball every night, in the blistering sweltering life-sapping heat, hurling water at my kid every ten minutes and hoping none of them keel over from heat stroke, while wishing fervently that I didn't have to be wearing a bra because no bra is anything but a well-wrought instrument of torture in thirty-plus heat and humidity.

 That said, Eve got four runs and some brilliant man brought a spray bottle, and we won 18-8 (VERY unusual), so really I have no cause to complain, or to throw my other kid to the wolves in a blatant sop to the blog gods because I have no time left before reading Eve a story and then reading in bed beside her because she can't POSSIBLY fall asleep without me. And it's really unforgivable and if he ever finds out I'm toast. So I'm absolutely categorically NOT going to tell you about going upstairs and seeing through the half-open bathroom door Angus sitting buck naked on the toilet and Eve in there wrapped in a towel, and opening my mouth to yell at her to leave him alone while he's, um, passing a motion, and then realizing that, in fact, he summoned her in to kill an ant that he couldn't reach from his present position. And then they both asked me pointedly what was so funny.


Mary Lynn said…
Ha! Did she get the ant?
LOL. Giving a helping hand.
The Mayor! said…
What are siblings for??!! My oldest daughter makes my littlest daughter hold HER hand & walk her to the bathroom at night! So cute! And they don't seem to care about catching each other in compromising positions, do they??!!

Anonymous said…
This is the thing I find with my kids. Their ideas of sibling bonding and my ideas of sibling bonding rarely align. It makes it very difficult for me to set boundaries.
Julie said…
do you have air conditioning? if you do you are not allowed to complain about the blistering heat when you can go home and cool off enough to be able to sleep without wet towels on your body as an attempt to cool off. ;-) welcome to my hell.
Anonymous said…
Nothing like calling in the little sis for some ant killing assistance!
Ms. G said…
Good old everyday sweetness, it's always when we least expect it. I'm with you on the heat, I've already had enough and we will be up ten degrees by the end of summer.
Shan said…
Oh my gosh it is so hot! In other news, Eve is one seriously cute kid.
Fame Throwa said…
I'm a bit bra obsessed and accept nothing but comfort. It seems in the heat either you're trapped under a synthetic bra, under which the sweat just pools and collects, eventually running down your torso OR you're trapped under a cotton bra that soaks up the sweat until it's ready to be wrung out.

So I started wearing a sports bra on days like this. Not because I'm doing sports but because they're made of wicking fabric that's oh-so-much cooler than the above-mentioned just-won't-do options.

I personally hate squeezy into those over-the-head sports bra, so I get mine at La Senza, where they have regular style bras with the wicking padding in the cups. Ahhh... Much better.

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