Stupid stuff addendum

One of these I left out of the originaal Stupid Things post. The other one grew out of the post, a beautiful organic flowering of stupid-fruit from a stupid-tree. Stupidity breeds stupidity, I guess. Maybe I should write a post about smart things and see if that helps.

Stupid thing number six: When I got home from the student conferences I was sweaty and hot so I went up to take a quick shower. I showered and got out and washed my glasses carefully and dried them and put them on and freaked out because OH MY GOD I COULDN'T SEE ANYTHING I'VE GONE BLIND I HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE EVERYTHING'S WAVY AND DISTORTED. Or wait, maybe I already have my contacts in.

After I posted, I got a funny comment from Amber saying she pictures my kids with accents like Charlie and Lola. I can't even describe how funny and sweet I found this, so I responded, at some length. I closed the email box and there was the post with another comment. From another Amber. And I thought oops. Did I just reply to the wrong Amber? Which is pretty much indefensible. It's not like I didn't know there were two Ambers. It's not like two Ambers haven't replied before. Amber, I still love your comment. Amber, I'm sorry for the unnecessary information on my children's speech patterns.

Stay tuned -- there was yet more stupid stuff on the week-end. Largely in a fun way that involved the world becoming wavy and distorted again. On purpose.


Anonymous said…
No sweat. I enjoy Charlie and Lola rather a lot, myself. :)
Anonymous said…
I'm stupid, too. I have totally done the contacts and glasses thing, and on more than one occasion!
Julie said…
i used to do that all the time when i work contacts. no more contacts, no more crazy assed blurry vision.
Amber Dusick said…
LOL, I'm honored to be part of funny blogging fodder for you! And yes, I've done that contacts thing too.
Pam said…
Luckily, none of this sort of stuff EVER happens to me... except every other day. Tee hee- fun to read.

You are being honoured once again! I hereby pass on an Honest Scrap Award to you. See my blog.

The Mayor! said…
So, I made you a button...LOL...I was trying to do a blog roll, & WP is widget oriented so I couldn't figure out to put the links to people who DIDN'T have buttons. Believe it or not, it takes 2 seconds for me to copy/paste someones button on a widget & I'm done. Believe it or not again, it was easier to make you a button & post THAT in my widget than read dozens of tutorials & add plug ins or new widgets to simply post just your name & link, especially since I've gotten pretty adept at buttons & already KNEW how to do that...& frankly, my blog roll is not complete or at all fair without you in it!! Bear in mind, I grabbed what I thought most appropriate for you from FREE clipart, a book, a boy & a girl LOL....happy to send you the code so you can keep using it, check it out on my site, let me know if you love it or hate it hahahahahaha, either way, happy to let you use it to your heart's desire! Thnx for being a true blogger friend & helping me make my name out here in cyberspace!! :-D
the queen said…
Hello, you big shy baby.

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