Happy Easter in images

I've been too blissfully gin-soaked, sun-burned and laughed-out to blog all week-end. We've been hanging out at my Mom's house with my sister and brother-in-law and my niece and nephew. Here are a few of our Easter episodes:

Eve decorated eggs and painted egg cups (Angus was going to help but he got the chance for a sleepover at his friend Noah's and deserted us unceremoniously).

Eve loves my sister, because she braids her hair and buys her gorgeous girlie clothes and takes her out to buy lipstick. My sister loves Eve because my niece is a total tomboy who will never ever consent to have her hair braided, or wear girl clothes or makeup. Isn't genetics interesting?

And of course, what's Easter without a little basketball (what? What do YOU wear to play basketball?):

A little two-on-Daddy/uncle action:

A little hockey (because who doesn't long to go sit in an arena on a 27-degree Easter Saturday?):

A little tetherball in one's pajamas:

A little soccer with an ultra-tough Teletubbies ball. In pajamas.:

A little mountain climbing:

A little something Eve and Jonah like to call 'butt karate':

A few cut-throat games of Cranium Cadoo (Eve: okay, you can't guess from my charades, so I'll give you a hint: It's an animal that's stinky and black and white. Jonah: A Panda!!). And yeah -- pajamas.:

Some customized place-settings:

And a big thank-you hug for Grandma for all the cooking and baking and sewing the aforementioned pajamas:

Pictures missing: The rocket balloons on Friday night. Turns out watching four kids and a couple of men blow up hugely long, sausage-shaped balloons and then release them to spin in a comically phallic fashion (the pink ones should be outlawed) over the neighbours' rooftops just never gets old. Especially in a balmy backyard with patio-side gin and tonic delivery service: and The Easter egg hunt that I slept through on Sunday morning.


Lanita said…
Sounds like you had a great, let it all hang out/casual kind of Easter weekend. Bravo.
Mary Lynn said…
Oooh! That looks like the best Easter! Well, except the part about the gin. Gin is evil. And vile. Have I ever mentioned I love anagrams?

But I digress...

That's cool about Eve and your sister getting along so well. I used to LOVE braiding my eldest niece's hair when she was younger. She used to get me to put it in braids every time I'd visit. I was so excited to have a daughter of my own so I could do her hair, too. No such luck. Hana hates it when I touch her hair. Oh, genetics.
The Mayor! said…
You & me both sister! A fabulous, social, silly, hangin' out in the backyard with friends, BBQ, booze, & a crap load of kids just enjoying each other & the weather...& no writing LOL! Glad you had such fun, love the pics!
Pam said…
Looks like a fantastic PJ and beverage-soaked eggs-travaganza. Glad you had a great weekend and lived to tell the tale.

Anonymous said…
Awesome Easter! On the table setting, were the ladiybugs etc. homemade candies? Impressive, festive, and pretty.
Anonymous said…
That looks like a lovely weekend.

And you will be happy to know that it was cold and rainy here in BC. You had MUCH better weather than we did. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it!
Julie said…
what an awesome easter weekend. i think all days a better when spent in pjs.

and i will be more than happy to spend a gin and tonic soaked summer afternoon with you. though we'll have to figure out have i'd get home from where out in the middle of nowhere land. ;-)

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