Overheard at piano lessons

My kids have piano lessons from five to six on Tuesdays. Eve goes in first, and I sit with Angus in the waiting room, then they switch. At the same time, there's a woman with two tall blonde long-haired daughters -- they're eleven and twelve, but they look older. I always get a kick out of overhearing their exchanges because they mom is sarcastic, sort of like me, and one of the daughters absolutely HATES taking piano lessons. Every time they would come out with the instructor saying 'she can do it, she just doesn't want to practice,' and the girl saying 'because I HATE the piano' and the mom saying 'I really don't mind if you have to beat her'. The mom often overhears Eve talking about how much she loves playing the piano and Eve's teacher talking about how well she practices, and sometimes the mom tries to hold up Eve as a shining example for her daughter. The daughter looks at Eve, amiably enough, and says 'don't do it! Don't let them brainwash you! It's a horrible instrument!' and Eve giggles because a teen-ager is talking to her, who cares what she's saying.

Today Eve was still in her lesson when the girl came out. The instructor said to the Mom 'I don't know what the deal is, but grade five is going WAY better than grade four'. The Mom said 'you know what, there's been some big hormonal shift or something, because suddenly she's practicing, and she's not arguing and...' and the girl piped up 'and I'm nice now!' and the mother nodded happily. Every now and then, they throw you a bone. That's why we don't abandon them on a mountainside for the carrion birds, I guess.


Julie said…
oh, i'm looking for that bone right now. and if it doesn't come soon, i'm looking for the highest mountain. or hill, consicering where we live.
Anonymous said…
That's why we don't abandon them on a mountainside for the carrion birds, I guess. - I love it!
Mary Lynn said…
That's hilarious.
Anonymous said…
Isn't that the truth? I've dealt with that kind of attitude many, many times - with the same child. But it DOES get better!
Magpie said…
Oh, the things we have to look forward to.
alison said…
Rae's seven. When is the magical hormone shift? The nearest hill to my place is the Carp dump.
Yep, but the older they get, the less bones they seem to throw us! My son started getting lippy just this past year (11), but my oldest DAUGHTER...man, that sh** started way sooner than my boy! Doesn't she KNOW that I'M the only bitch allowed in this house?? Worse...2 more daughters coming up behind her. Sigh. By now I'm not looking to abandon THEM, I'm looking to be abandoned myself....on a beach somewhere is good. :-D

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