Knowing Me Knowing You #1

I got this from Julie at Smothermother who gets it from Shan at Fairy Blogmother (love that name). Seemed like a good way to try to get un-blogcked. Anyone can play.

1. Do you play a musical instrument?

Piano, mainly. I was pretty good at one point, but surprisingly the years of totally ignoring it haven't done me much good. I'm trying to get back into practicing regularly. I tried guitar for a year or so, but my fingers are too short and stubby and my teacher was weird. I played trombone in the (all-girl) school band -- THAT was fun. I used to be a pretty good singer (I was in a cheesy-but-thought-we-were-badass band in high school) but pregnancy hormones and asthma medication have pretty much destroyed my voice.

2. Do you have a set of every day dishes and a set of "good" dishes?

Nope. We got colourful stoneware for our wedding 'china' and that's what we use. I prefer my dishes to be brightly coloured and non-matching. Like my socks.

3. Chocolate milk or white?

White. I don't like chocolate milk or ice cream. Actually I prefer most things that can be white or chocolate white, except chocolate. I like chocolate chocolate :).

4. What time do you usually head up to bed?

Varies wildly. I read until between eleven and midnight. The time I start can be nine or ten or (when I really hate the world) eight, which the kids love because one of them can sleep in Matt's spot while I'm reading.

5. Do you hang your toilet paper over or under?

Over. Has to be over. I will change it if it is under. And I have no idea why, except that in general I'm a wacky neurotic obsessive person so...


Julie said…
i can barely pee if the toilet paper is under i'm so out of sorts! if i am staying at friends or family for a few days, i've been know to change it. for my kidneys and bowel of course!
SuziCate said…
Over...absolutely! Why? Just because I said so!
Anonymous said…
I like chocolate chocolate, too! (too funny!)
Shan said…
Our stoneware dishes are a mix of burgundy, navy blue and hunter green. I like the mixed up look. I am astonished that people actually care that much about the toilet paper. Thanks for playing along with us.
I prefer my dishes brightly colored and non-matching too. I think they're more fun that way and if I have to replace broken one it's easier.

Thank you for visiting on my SITs day and making me feel special.
Anonymous said…
I feel the toilet paper should be under. Always under. Our neuroses would battle it out and it would NOT be pretty, I fear. Maybe we would need to use separate bathrooms just to avoid any ugliness.
Magpie said…
I have been known to reverse the toilet paper in houses not my own. To over, of course.

I have 2 1/2 sets of everyday dishes, and twelve place settings of "good".
Rosemary said…
I have never noticed a direction when hanging the toilet paper. Usually it's rolled away on the floor somewhere or if I'm lucky stacked on the back of the toilet. Sometimes there's just a box of tissue there (on top of an empty box of tissue of course). It's a wonder I've survived.

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