Freshly Cracked (Craic-ed)

We're back from Just a Bit of Craic (craic is gaelic for fun or entertainment, pronounced 'crack'). I sort of knew in the back of my head that it was in an old church, but it didn't really register that I would be sitting (aka grinding my tailbone and jamming my spine into) an excruciatingly uncomfortable church pew for two and a half hours. My back will require cracking after that. But Eve was gorgeous, and excited, and adorable hopping around up there. And my Mom kept her cool pretty well, even though it was long, and kind of chaotic, and the dude with the Irish brogue and the microphone who was m.c.-ing was freakin' unintelligible.

Eve's group was right before the intermission. Then they got to come and sit with us and watch the second half. The highlight was probably Eve's running commentary when a solo dancer came out, dressed sort of surprisingly in a tank top and boy-cut underwear and did a modern dance number (stuck in amongst the sparkly dresses and kicks and jigs, it was probably supposed to provide some variety, but it really was a little odd). Eve: "She's just gonna dance all by herself?" "Is she wearing shoes?" "She looks like she's just randomly moving". And then, when the dance move involved dropping precipitously to the stage: "She fell down!"

I'm happy she did it. And I'm happy it's over. And I'm happy that when I got home, there was a blog award waiting for me from the madly hilarious and kind and generous Mayor of Crazy Town. You know people that say it's an honour just being nominated, or the work is its own reward, and awards don't matter? Aren't they just adorably charming lying liars? I am ALL about the awards. Mayor Tracy, you're better than crack. So I'm supposed to give the award to five other blogs. These are some of the people that blog clean and deep; they contribute to my happy days:

Mary Lynn (naturally) from Riding in a Handbasket

Unknown Mami

Patti from Still Breathing (hope this doesn't seem too frivolous)

Lynn at Turtlehead

Pam at Easily Amused (good blog, and really the one you want with you when you're walking past rich people's enormous houses with dollar-store reflectors stuck in the lawn)

I'm happy. And really really tired.


Anonymous said…
I love how kids just can't help but let us know what they think at all times. It does grate occasionally, but mostly it's totally freaking hilarious.
Mary Lynn said…
Yay Eve! Glad to hear you had fun at the hilariously named dance recital, even if your tailbone is a wee bit worse for wear.

And thank-you ever-so-much for the lovely blog award. Garsh.
Pam said…
Looking forward to seeing pics of the big craic event. I'm sure Eve had a blast and couldn't wait for her Guiness when she got home.

Thanks for the Bloggy! I'm such a newby at this but greatly inspired by you and your blog connections.
BeachMama said…
I love the fact that Eve gave you the running commentary. And I hear you on the church pews, not comfortable at all.

And how fun that I found your blog through Lynn at Turtlehead! I saw your comment and knew right away it was you!
alison said…
I'm glad it went well for Eve. Red wine is a good antidote for sore tailbones. Trust me on this. :-)
AHHHHH, THNX!!! I LOVE being that addictive LOL!! And you deserve it, I have always appreciated your very open & honest, while still so very amusing, look at your own personal ups & downs!! Looking forward to reading all your coming adventures too!! :-D
Oh my goodness gracious! Thank you, thank you!
SuziCate said…
The craic (love that it's pronounced crack!) recital sounds like it went well. Congrats on your award!
Julie said…
Yeah you!

And sounds like Eve had a good time and the craic was a success (minus the scantily clad modern dance odity).
Lynn said…
Thanks so much for the award! You know you rock my world :). You should totally come to book club. Although, then you and me and Pam will just giggle in the corner and eat too much pie.

Sounds good, doesn't it????
Patti Murphy said…
Thanks, Allison. I love your writing and to be included in this group is very ego-inflating indeed.

I'll put it on my site when I figure out how.

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