I'm watching bobsledding and I can't think of a good title

Pam and I hit the gym for our regular Wednesday ass-whupping (as in trying to whup them into shape, with variable results). I was still high as a kite on my failed Wonder Pills, so it must have been really fun for Pam. We were walking down the hallway to the change room and someone passed her and she said hi. Then she turned to me and said 'that's Natasha's Mom' and I said 'oh, I know her. I didn't even see her'. Must have been the keeping my eyes straight ahead so I wouldn't weave like a drunken monkey, much like asking Pam to drive in order to reduce the possibility of me killing a family of six on the way over. As we walked into the change room I said 'What's her name? Karen, right?' Pam said "uh, I think it's Kara', and I said, 'no, I'm pretty sure it's Karen. We had..oh wait, wrong Natasha. You don't even know the Natasha I'm talking about.' Pam laughed (she laughs a lot when she's around me. I like to think she's laughing with me as opposed to...actually I try not to think about it too much.)

This conversation reminded me of when I asked my friend Janet when her birthday was. She said June 15th. I looked at her across the study table very strangely and she said 'what? Is that your birthday?' I nodded incredulously, and she said 'Oh, so you're thinking "Look, I didn't ASK you MY birthday, I asked you YOUR birthday. You don't even KNOW when MY birthday is so why are you telling me MY birthday?"' And I wasn't even stoned that time. I don't think.

Later, on the treadmill, Pam was talking about being at book club the night before with this woman who's baking a pie every week. I said, what's her name? She said Lynn. I said Does she live in Kanata? Yep. Does she have three kids? Yep. Any chance she blogs? Yep.

Holy shit! Pam's in a book club with Turtlehead! (This time I had the right person). After nearly falling off the treadmill I explained the connection (whoo hoo, World Trivia Night), nearly redeeming myself for the Natasha incident.

Yo Lynn -- I'm SO crashing your next book club meeting. I probably won't be stoned. Then again, I can probably catch a ride with Pam....


Patti Murphy said…
I'm laughing and laughing. Could be all the Pinot grigio. To quote you, "You're so the bomb."
Pam said…
Right... totally laughing WITH you. At least you have the wonder pills excuse, I'm just flakey all the time. BTW, our butts are shrinking very nicely, thanks to Wednesdays a-w day, and will continue to do so, unless I have more of Lynn's yummy pies. THe laughing is great for the abs too. Great blog!
Lynn said…
You are most welcome at book club! Plus, bonus, you'll get some pie. :)
Anonymous said…
I need a book club and an exercise buddy...heck, maybe I just need to get a life! I'm way too boring.
alison said…
Small world. I want some pie too. Or maybe some wonder pills.
theycallmejane said…
You are TOO funny! And I love your title. I'm cracking up because I so want to use it but the Olympics are over now.

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