Once a Pona time

I don't have time for a real post. My husband's away and Angus stayed home sick today and I went for a walk with Pam anyway and it was good even though it made my heel hurt because I ordered the stupid snow-runners from L.L. Bean in a men's size for some stupid reason and they fit my husband, so he took them on his oh-so-arduous business trip where they're going to fit in talking about how fucked the fibre optics business is around skiing in the fucking FRENCH Alps.

In spite of that, I actually feel fine. I slept last night, I walked this morning, the kids have been great, they both shovelled in the sweet chili salmon I made for supper and now Angus is reading Percy Jackson and Eve is working on her book (writing, not reading) and I'm about to go tuck them in and hit the sack with a funny book recommended to me by Magpie on the screwy history of marriage and men who are hysterically, insanely, almost amusingly afraid of women's woman parts.

Eve just read me a little of her story. It's about a man named Boo Boo who's a clown and his job is to 'phart' and make children laugh. He looks sad but only because of his makeup. Until he loses his phart bag and gets fired, and then he really is sad. Apparently chapter 2 features a boy named Stinky.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have a bedtime story read to me. Sweet dreams.


Anonymous said…
My kid would be a huge fan of Eve's story, I can just tell. Anything involving pharts is hilarious in her book.
Rosemary said…
Holly is reading the 'Judy Moody' series of books right now. I bet Eve would love them too. They're so much better than the 'rainbow fairies' books .
Julie said…
French Alps? Are you freaken kidding me? You need a mother or mother-in-law to come take the kids and you need to get on a plane!

if only it were so easy...
Magpie said…
I'm glad you're liking it.
Mary Lynn said…
My kids would so love Eve's story. Definitely up their alley.

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