Wordless Wednesdays: Be Careful What You Wish For

I WAS thinking more along the lines of a gentle snowfall of fat, white flakes on a day so still you could hear every flake land...

NOT so much for 60-kilometre winds and 15 centimetres on dentist-appointment day...

BUT I did ask for it. Here's to you, Amber -- hope it's balmy in your area today (I almost said 'around your parts' but that seemed rude). Guess I'll get out the Christmas cards.

Happy Wednesday.


Mary Lynn said…
Ha! "Balmy around your parts" made me laugh out loud.

I've totally been wishing for snow, and now of course it comes full force on the same day as my book club's annual December dinner out. Of COURSE! Oh well...I think we'll all manage to make it to dinner anyway.
Anonymous said…
My parts are totally balmy. My neck of the woods, on the other hand, is slightly frigid. ;)

This reminds me, I must make an appointment for new tires, & stat!
Julie said…
i have to say that it's much more festive with the snow. it did make for a blistery on the picket line. i wanted to tobogan down parliament hill but the rcmp didn't think it was a great idea. party pooper.

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