Who's On First?

Our cleaning lady came tonight. I was going to just wait until she was done in the kitchen and make supper, but my lovely husband knew I coughed all night and wasn't feeling great, so he came home and volunteered to take the kids out for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. I thought this sounded great. Of course, we both forgot the part where my kids won't go anywhere without me, so we all went out to Swiss Chalet, which is great, because I still didn't have to cook and I do cherish a special, slavish affection for the Festive Special.
On the way there, we passed an Esso station.
Eve: Mommy, what does E-S-S-O spell?
Me: Esso
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Eve: What?
Me: Esso
Eve: No. Not S-O. I said E-S-S-O.
Me: I know. It spells Esso.
Eve: What? How can four letters spell two letters?
Angus: It's a gas station.
Eve: What is?
Angus: The Esso.
Eve (yelling): Why isn't anyone telling me what it spells?
Angus: Oh my god. Are we almost there?
We had a lovely dinner. For dessert, we said the kids would take the M&Ms to go. The waiter gave them two little packs each. Angus took his, I put Eve's in my jacket pocket. We got about halfway home.
Eve: Mommy, can I have my M&Ms? But can you open them?
Me: Okay, I'll just give you one, okay?
Eve: Why? Can't you just open it and give me the whole thing?
Me: I mean one package.
Eve: But can't you just open it and give me the whole thing and I'll take them out one by one?
Matt (snickering): Esso
Eve: S-O? So? So what?
Angus: Oh my God. Are we almost home?


Magpie said…
OMG - you totally made me laugh. Perfection. Es. Oh.
Pam said…
Love the dialog. The kid dynamic is too funny. I will never pump gas without a smile again.
Mary Lynn said…
You guys crack me up.
Anonymous said…
I am totally dying over here. Totally. Dying. Ha!
Amber said…
LOL, I love these snippets of your family. So fun.
alison said…
Eve = Rachel. It's totally like the "What time is Alicia coming over" convo I blogged a week or so ago.
Rosemary said…
Dana just read this with me. We're still laughing. This kind of stuff happens all the time with Aidan in the car. He listens to half of our conversation and then starts asking questions. Or we'll make a comment about something and he'll pipe in 'what? What?' and then we'll have to go into a 5 minute explanation of what we were commenting on.

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