It's a P.D. day. Which means in some ways everything is more relaxed, since the kids don't have to be bustled off to school or picked up. In some ways everything is louder and bouncier and more crowded since, well, the kids are indisputably HERE all day.

I was lazing in bed this morning after Matt had left for work. My alarm came on which meant CBC radio, and I was listening to somebody talking about an alternative prison system where inmates are taught spiritual centeredness and belief systems, which apparently is better for lowered recidivism rates than being whaled on by guards and sodomized in the shower (go figure). Eve came bounding in. This was the conversation:
"I want to get dressed. I need a pretty dress to wear to Marianna's. Usually you're facing that way when I come in. Where's that blackish blue dress with the polka dots?"
"It's too small."
"Awwww. I thought it would look nice with my rice necklace. I was thinking this would be the second time I got dressed having to pull something over my earrings, but that's not true, because the time I got my other ears pieressed -- HA! I said the time I got my other ears pieressed, how could I get other ears pieressed, I only have two pairs of ears -- HA!!! I said I had two PAIRS of ears, how could I have two PAIRS of ears!!! In Ice Age when the tiger has to sneak past the dinosaurs because the other elephant is having a baby he said 'I have to tiptoe! I have to tiptoe!' I'm tiptoeing, I'm shakin' my booty. 'I have to tiptoe!' I can't get that out of my head.... You know, for a Mom you don't say much."

(sound of me pulling the covers over my head).

One of my friend's kids used to call these 'Pity Days'. I kind of see her point.


Mary Lynn said…
Hilarious. I love that whole stream-of-consciousness thing that kids have going on.
Anonymous said…
I am impressed and inspired by the way that Eve understood and accepted that the too-small dress wouldn't fit. With my 4-year-old, there would be tears and possible efforts to wear it anyways, because she 'doesn't even CARE!' I am hoping I have at least a slightly more reasonable child to look forward to.

Hope that the Pity Day goes easy on you.

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