No Green Christmases, Please

I'm feeling a little out of sorts. Generally I enjoy falling asleep to the drumming of rain on the roof. But it's freaking December! I really have no right to complain, because I did really quite like the freakishly mild November weather. My Mom and Dad are on my side -- my Mom says she can't get into the Christmas spirit with no snow, and my Dad said he felt like a moron putting up Christmas lights in a t-shirt last week-end. My husband said normally he'd agree with us, but at this point he couldn't care less if he ever saw snow again. 
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I need snow. I've wrapped all my Christmas presents while looking out into my backyard at an herb garden that's largely still viable -- in DECEMBER! In the capital of CANADA! I don't think I can start the Christmas cards though.
I don't know the real story about global warming. I know there have always been cycles, I know the Depression dustbowl happened without all the industry we have now, I know there are intelligent people that believe that we can't possibly have that much of an impact. But the Rideau Canal skating season seems to be getting shorter and shorter every year, the kids don't seem to need to wear anything to make their costumes warmer on Halloween, and it's raining! In December! And I have a bit of a sinking feeling. A feeling like I'm stuck in a science fiction story where I end up telling my kids about when they were babies and we would bundle them up at night and walk them through white streets with snow drifting softly down on us. And then they ask "what's a snowsuit?"
Please snow.


Mary Lynn said…
I feel the same way...I actually MISS the snow. It doesn't really feel like it's almost Christmas.

I miss fulfilling my Canadian duty to complain about snow. Complaining about the lack of snow just isn't as satisfying.
Anonymous said…
I have to admit, I just can't relate to the desire for snow at all. I hold firmly to a popular BC saying about rain - at least you don't have to shovel it! Last year we had a very cold winter, and the snow stuck around for weeks and months. Several feet fell on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, and because we have no snow removal it meant no one could drive and my little family was stuck with a huge turkey to ourselves. My husband put out his back clearing our driveway several times a day for weeks on end. We also don't have snow blowers, because why would we?

So, let's make a deal, shall we? I will send any of the white stuff your way, and you send the balmy temperatures to me. We all win!

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