Playing Hooky

My husband is taking today off since it's American Thanksgiving and there's a small chance his phone will ring a few less hundred times than usual. We're going on a date to (dramatic overture)... IKEA. It's been impossible to find a time to get there and get a new kitchen table. Then we're going to do a few more romantic exciting things like cleaning out the basement spare room and putting up Christmas lights, before I leave to work at the school Christmas bizarre (sorry, bazaar).

Matt came down this morning and was getting the kids ready for school. They directed suspicious looks at his jeans and demanded to know what was up.

Angus: "it's not the week-end. Why are you wearing that?"
Matt: "I'm taking some time to myself."
Angus: "WHAT?"
Eve: "Without US?"
Matt: "yes."
Eve: "....does Mommy know?"
Matt: "I don't care if she knows, I'm doing it anyway."
Angus "yeah, right."
Matt: "yes, of course she knows!"


Susanne said…
Wooo-hooooo!!!! A new kitchen table for you means an old kitchen table for me!!!!!! Can I please buy your old kitchen table? I think I've decided I want it whether it has a leaf or not. I can make a leaf. I'm sure I can. I'm handy. Well... Dave and my Dad are handy.
Anonymous said…
Hooray for some time with your husband. I also visited IKEA today, although mostly for the meatballs. But I did find a super-cute birthday cake hat, which I had to buy for my daughter. Because who can resist a birthday cake hat?

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