Oh Where oh Where has my Consciousness Gone?

Today when I woke up I couldn't remember what colour my kitchen was.

When I was living in apartments, I swore that I would never have a house painted Builder's White. So when we moved in we painted (and by this I mean we made my Dad paint) bold colours. Medium-dark blue in the family room, yellow in the kitchen, terra cotta in the living room and forest green in the vestibule.

I'm still glad I vanquished the Builder's White, but I've been over these colours for quite a while now. The problem is we're too lazy and have too many bookshelves to make painting over most of them anything that's going to happen soon. But a couple of summers ago my husband and my father replaced the crappy speed-bumped carpet and peely kitchen linoleum with some really nice laminate tile. And while the family room was empty my Dad painted over the blue with a lovely cafe au lait colour. I just suddenly couldn't remember if he'd painted over the yellow in the kitchen also.
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I came downstairs to check. He hadn't. I wish he had, but that's really not germane. I couldn't remember WHAT COLOUR MY KITCHEN WAS.

Then Angus's friend Noah's Mom called. Noah's sleeping over here tonight because it's a P.D. Day tomorrow, which means we can have sleepovers without worrying about the hockey schedule. She asked if I wanted her to bring Noah over after dinner or before dinner or what. I said "oh, I told Angus yesterday I'd pick the two of them and Eve up after school". Short silence. "I guess I should have probably let you know that too."

She's still letting Noah come over. Luckily I have a few hours to schedule a brain scan before I have to go pick them up.


Anonymous said…
I did EXACTLY the same thing when we bought this house. I was SO tired of off-white walls and beige carpeting, that I went bold on the paint colours. We have this extremely vibrant blue living room, a yellow bedroom, and so on. And I am so over some of it, but moving the furniture sounds like too much work so we leave it.

Good luck with the sleepover. And with the brain scan, too. ;)

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