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I'm ripping this off from C.J. at Don't Lick the Ferrets because this is my month to blog on Big Issues in the interest of honesty and full disclosure and having something to blog about every single goddamned day.

Here are my thoughts in a nutshell: Gay Folks? Feel free to marry. Marry away. Marry your asses off.

You know when people say "Give me one good reason?" I haven't heard that one good reason why homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry. What I have heard is a lot of reasons that amount to (not to put too fine a point on it) hooey.

They can't have kids? Well yes, they can. Lots of heterosexuals can't have kids simply by having sex with each other either. Some of them don't want to. Some of them are too old to. They're allowed to get married.

It takes away from the sanctity of heterosexual marriage? Well, I don't agree that it does, but even if it did, aren't the straight folks doing a pretty good job of sanctity-detracting themselves? What with the rampant divorce rate, Vegas chapels and such? Maybe we should slap a few restrictions on how and why straight people are allowed to marry if we want to make out that marriage is such a holy and pristine institution.

My mother, whom I dearly love, and who has to be pardoned for some things due to being raised by rabidly Catholic Polish parents, has one of those rock-solid arguments against gay marriage:

Mom: "I don't care if they get married, I just don't want it to be called the same thing as my marriage."

Me: "Well, then it's not true to say you don't care if they get married, is it? You don't care if they get civilly united, or legally joined, or painted or tractored or whatever, but you don't want them to get 'married'? Have I got that right?

Mom: "I've never liked your hair that way."

So what it boils down to for me is that the only real argument against gay marriage, for those who argue against it, is that they don't think people should be gay, they don't like gay people, and this is a way they can deprive gay people of a basic human right under the guise of righteousness and legality.

What a bunch of weenies.


Guillermo said…
Hi, I'm new here (got your blog from the Bloggers Breakfast)

"I don't care if they get married, I just don't want it to be called the same thing as my marriage"

There's already an euphemism for gay marriage: Civil Union

There you are! It was easy!
Rosemary said…
Amen. Marry away. And good luck with that.
CJ said…
Have I told you how much I adore you lately? Because I do!
Anonymous said…
I agree with you completely. And I am so thankful that gay marriage is recognized here in Canada. I wish it were so everywhere.
Lauren Wayne said…
I clicked on a comment link from and am glad I did. How hilarious! "I've never liked your hair that way" is how my mom ends debates, too!

I don't get the anti-gay-marriage hoopla, either, and I was raised a fundamentalist. It just doesn't make sense to me. As you say, it's just a way of not liking gay people and putting some veneer on it.
Mary Lynn said…
Totally agree. Though I have to say, your mom's counter-argument totally cracked me up. Too funny.

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