Day Four

I just walked to Farm Boy to get a few things while my Dad stayed with Angus.

Yogurt is heavy.
I kept both kids home again yesterday. They weren't plague-ish or anything, but Angus has been lying on the couch or his futon and not eating, and neither of these is normal for him. He hasn't even wanted to play the Wii (shouldn't that be in the list of H1N1 symptoms somewhere?). Eve seemed mostly fine yesterday, so we went to piano lessons. Five minutes after she sat down at the piano her eyes were so watery she could hardly see and she was really stuffed up. We came home and she seemed pale and congested and worse than she'd been all day.
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It's not that bad. The kids don't get all that much time together without any other friends available. They've been playing cards and playing the piano together and they even manage to share the couch to watch tv, even though Angus is a giant hunk of boy ("you go outside, I'll go inside").
But my husband's away (for something fresh and original) and it's a whole lot of togetherness. At least I have the 'no, you're sick, you can't sleep in my bed' excuse.
Eve got up and said she still felt stuffed up. So I said fine, one more day. By nine o'clock she realized that she didn't feel that bad and that she hadn't seen her best friend Marianna since Friday and that it was hot dog day. So off to school we went.
Angus just said "Ahh, I love to watch The Simpsons while having my smoothie. It's the perfect combination." I'm thinking he'll be back to school tomorrow. (And I only let them watch the Halloween Simpsons episodes. You know, the ones where they chop up and behead people and stuff. The other ones are obviously inappropriate.)


Anonymous said…
My 4-year-old loves the Simpsons. Only she calls them the 'Simsims'. It makes me smile enough that I let her watch them.

I hope everyone is completely recovered soon. :)

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