Slightly late list of 23 random things for which I am thankful

1) that we decided not to try to cook a turkey
2) my kids wrestling, trying to pull off each others' pants, and browbeating each other in Scottish and German accents, which they may or may not know are Scottish and German accents
3) my husband bringing me chicken soup and ginger ale on Monday while I was reading in my bedroom and feeling guilty for being sick and housebound most of Thanksgiving week-end.
4) Fred Vargas
5) my Wednesday walk with Pam
6) blue flowers
7) Angus playing the Ode to Joy on the piano (one hand at a time) while Eve dances
8) running water and indoor plumbing
9) chicken korma 9b) that everybody in my family will eat chicken korma. Seriously -- I can make chicken korma and rice and peas and every single person will eat it. No leftover noodles or cut-up raw vegetables or cheese or hard-boiled eggs required. One dinner. One!
10) sparkly footprints leading from the kitchen table across the floor, up the stairs and into Eve's room
11) Little, Big, by John Crowley
12) My mother, who channels her hypermania into baking cookies and taking care of my kids rather than focusing on what a non-hyper-manic disappointment I must be
13) My father, who is always available for a school pick-up or bringing his ladder to the grade one entrance to mount a daring Webkin rescue. He also rocks the word 'horseshit' like no one else.
14) That I told my kids about all the studies saying that families should eat dinner together in order for kids to be more successful in life, and now whenever we can't eat together they threaten to go out and knock over a convenience store
15) Green tea and ginger ale but not -- please God, worst idea ever -- together.
16) Eve's tummy
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17) Angus's crazy-ass cowlick
18) seeing the most amazing rainbow of my entire life on the way to piano lessons with the kids
19) lying in bed with my friend Zarah, drunk on wine after her friends cooked us the most amazing dinner, watching Glee
20) Phineas and Ferb
21) my new bamboo sheets that I had to go buy after lying in Zarah's bed watching Glee (seriously people -- it's like the bed is hugging you)
22) my relatively high standard of living and personal freedom (yeah, it's a sop, I just didn't want them all to be totally frivolous, damn the internal self-critical voices, damn them!)
23) Ativan

Happy post-Thanksgiving (Canadian).


Anonymous said…
I could live without electricity, if I really had to. And I could probably even live without central heating. But indoor plumbing and running water? Not a chance.

And I have never heard of bamboo sheets, but if they're anything like the other bamboo fabric I've experienced I may know what I want for Christmas. That sounds so lovely.
Rosemary said…
Squirels, squirels, squirels in my pants. :) I too am so thankful for many of the same things. Bamboo eh? Going to have to check that out!
Anonymous said…
Mmm, I'm the Zarah with the bamboo sheets and I am thankful for them everyday. Heaven - really!
Jane said…
You're thankful for Phineas and Ferb, too? I am sooooo thankful for Phineas and Ferb!

Love your list!

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