Big Plans

Eve started grade one last week, which means both of my kids are hereby in school for the full day.
(Pause to start soundtrack -- slow, mournful dirge or the Hallelujah Chorus, it goes back and forth).
I have big plans for the future. Eventually I'm planning to get my library technician diploma, put the pesky graduate school nonsense behind me and do what I've really wanted to do since I was four, which is work in a library, given that it seems I can't actually live in one. Yet. However, my husband has informed me that his travel schedule for the next six months or so is going to be miserable, so I'm holding off on starting courses. Instead, my 'job' is supposed to be a radical de-cluttering and re-organizing initiative as regards the house, and a radical whipping-into-shape regimen as regards my big fat ass.
So far I've thrown a party for twenty-five of my closest friends, applied a liberal coating of sticky lime juice, refried bean and popcorn to the entire house, and eaten my weight in corn chips. Auspicious beginning, no?
I did walk over to the drugstore for my hangover assuagement supplies, at least. Mostly because I was afraid driving might make me hurl, but still...


Anonymous said…
I think that being a librarian is an excellent, excellent plan. Or, at least, I can totally see why you would want to do that, and I would sort of like to do it myself.

I am currently jealous of you and your free days. However, I also get extremely nervous when I think about my first child starting kindergarten next year, so I think the elation / mourning is probably pretty normal.
Rosemary said…
Since I've only been at this 'new job' thing for 1.2 days I'm still in the dazed and confused by my feelings phase. I'm trying to incorporate 5km of bike riding daily and dusting off all my cake decorator supplies in hopes of finding a part time job while I take some classes to build on my extensive years of unformal training....cake decorating...not bike riding. Although it is like riding a bike. O.k I'll shut it now. Why can't I just have another baby? huh?

That's so great that you're thinking of becoming a librarian...and they say that motherhood totally derails you. I think it just gives us the insight to put us back on the track we were always meant to be on.
alison said…
Good luck with the library thing! Sounds like a great plan. My long-term plan is to win a lottery and then just volunteer in the library. Hey, it could happen.
Jane said…
I hear you re: alternating music of Hallelujah chorus and a mournful dirge. My boys are both in school now (which means I now have the days to myself) and I made similar plans (clean out closets, paint the hall & bedrooms) last year when they both started. Guess what? Between volunteering at the school, working a day a week at my husband's office and all the other things that seem to creep up I was never able to touch my list. Good luck with yours! With your exciting goals (library science degree) you'll need to get those pesky household things out of the way. What an adventure that will be!

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